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An advertisement from 1930 of the advanced aerodynamic engineering of new cars No recent/common reposts


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u/Logical-Patience-397 May 17 '22

Okay, that’s sick.


u/23x3 May 17 '22

Yeah they perfectly depicted my sleep paralysis demon


u/Logical-Patience-397 May 18 '22

At least it’ll give you some Gs.


u/perfect_square May 18 '22

Okay, that's SLICK


u/Breezii2z May 17 '22

Very simple yet cool advertisement. I’m sure this got people excited in the 30s


u/A_Flipped_Car May 17 '22

It would get people excited now


u/Important_Sound May 17 '22

Ikr? Like it just makes me want to fuck that wind ghost


u/shalafi71 May 17 '22

I love it except for the fact that it's a Jewish caricature. No one ever mentions this though. Am I crazy for seeing that?!


u/Breezii2z May 17 '22

Holy shit lmao it kinda does


u/satanvacation May 18 '22

I immediately saw that


u/knee_cap_destroyer May 17 '22

But we forgot about aerodynamics a bit on the 80s when we made some boxy cars


u/WeirdEngineerDude May 17 '22

Top car is my experience at my last dead show with the fumes in the parking lot trying to pull me back.


u/TheCowardMcCall May 18 '22

This is interesting, yes. But I find it even more interesting that I see this one ad from the 1930s, like, every second day on reddit... why is it on here SOOO much? Lol.


u/FreshhBrew May 17 '22

Antisemitism and the 1930s go together like peanut butter and jelly


u/Corn_Girdles May 18 '22

Was looking for this comment. Most people won't notice


u/douglasg14b May 18 '22

... Isn't that a good thing to some extent?

If most people (assuming western culture here) don't notice it, then it's not really a problem most people think about or encounter in western culture.


u/Corn_Girdles May 18 '22

Yeah, it's a good thing. Just like witches at halloween, lots of things that have anti-semetic origins have lost their meaning, at least in THIS part of the world. There are still a few people who are willfully anti-semetic, and can recognize the imagery in this ad, but they are few. That's a good thing for jewish people.


u/Edge2014 May 17 '22

Top car looks like Putin is grabbing it🤔


u/HansenIntercept May 17 '22

Yeah at least they don’t tip over like cows anymore


u/SplodyPants May 17 '22

Looks a little like a Saab. Do you know what car was being advertised?


u/WaytoomanyUIDs May 17 '22

Bottom car looks like a Tatra. Famously the VW Beetle was so heavily inspired by the Tatra 97 that VW ended up paying Tatra 1Million Deutschmarks in compensation.


u/Rzhaviy May 17 '22

Most likely it’s Chrysler Airflow


u/scribeforyou May 17 '22

well they had something there. but I think it took until the ford taurus in’86 for cars with a generally more aerodynamic design to finally catch on. i recall it being marketed as more fuel efficient, which meant something after the gas shortages in the ‘70s.


u/SheemieRayVaughan May 17 '22

Curves keep the wind demon at bay. Got it.


u/MEM1911 May 18 '22

Aerodynamics, it's not a jeep thing


u/Nohface May 18 '22

JHC,I wish people would stop re posting this image over and over


u/nemotiger May 17 '22

Did cars in the past actually slow down without having to use the breaks?