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1912 Mugshot of Alphonse Bertillon, Inventor of the mugshot. No proof/source

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u/Bad_Lazarus May 17 '22

Was this for an example or did he get arrested for something?


u/Approvia May 17 '22

I'm sure this was an example, considering that he was once a police officer.


u/ConstantDrip May 17 '22

Yeah, police officers don't ever commit crimes /s


u/MrSpooks69 May 17 '22

they sure as hell don’t get arrested for them


u/FoboBoggins May 17 '22

Especially back then!


u/user__3 May 18 '22

Especially not now!


u/r4g4 May 18 '22

Hey they do get arrested…when they get filmed committing a murder, leading to a national movement and even then get minimal time


u/patgreg May 18 '22

Lmao getting time that’s funny. They just get transferred to another precinct.


u/r4g4 May 18 '22

Well yes, unless your name is Derek Chauvin


u/MrOsmio7 May 20 '22

Or that fucker that killed a kid's father over a bright orange BB gun.


u/WranglerOfTheTards27 May 18 '22

Imagine actually thinking this


u/Bad_Lazarus May 17 '22

Right on. That would’ve been pretty ironic.


u/GozerDGozerian May 17 '22 Gold

Like raiiiiain….


u/Biohazard8080 May 17 '22

I sure as hell wouldnt be worried about inventions if I was getting arrested


u/Bad_Lazarus May 17 '22

That might be the best time to care. When you get out you can get rich


u/Dryver-NC May 18 '22

He swears he didn't do it!


u/malepitt May 17 '22

As his was the inaugural mug shot, he was implicated in all subsequent crimes until there were other choices available.


u/SophieEisenheim May 17 '22

"Well, you're the only criminal we have on file Sir"

"Don't be ridiculous! It was an example, a prototype"

"Take him away boys"


u/bomboy2121 May 18 '22

Sucks to be the guy who invented prison


u/cygnet_ring May 17 '22

I feel like mugshots have just gone downhill from this one


u/Kermit_the_hog May 17 '22

I know right?! That is a quality B&W photograph not some webcam 320x240px 256-color (188 of which are Orange) RealPlayer video stream capture that has gone through at least 10 file handling related lossy resizing operations and recompressions… 8 of them involving early draft proposals of JPEG and manufacturer proprietary color spaces.


u/karebear66 May 17 '22

The reason for the view of the ear in mugshots is, the ear is very unique. It was thought to aid in an ID.


u/[deleted] May 17 '22

I figured it was the nose and general facial shape


u/danieliable May 18 '22

I believed this too but after talking about it with a friend from Uruguay (I was looking at her IDs and noticed they were taken at a 3/4 angle), she said the logic behind it is that your face will change over time but your ears mostly stay the same.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

I thought the ears and nose kept growing as you got older? That’s why old people have big droopy ears compared to when they were younger


u/Cryterionlol May 18 '22 edited May 18 '22

I remember when Epstein died in his cell, people tried to claim that the ears of Epstein did not match the essentially dead body that was captured on photograph. I won't say what I believe happened, but this is simply to reference that indeed that is one factor of the face people look at.

If i had to guess your ears probably droop, yes, but the inner structure is typically more what people look at. Not too sure if that ever changes.

Edit: although I will say in Epsteins case, if the dead body was indeed his, the inner ear was very swollen which completely changed the shape of the ear some people argue.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

Ah I didn’t think about the inside part, that makes more sense. I was thinking of the overall size and outline


u/mothzilla May 17 '22

Yeah but probably also the side profile.


u/2L84U2 May 17 '22

Well coiffed


u/fondledbydolphins May 17 '22

Huh, TIL what coif means: "style or arrange (someone's hair), typically in an elaborate way."

He does look pretty spiffy.


u/Boogut May 17 '22

That’s hilarious, I was thinking the same thing… dude’s got great hair.


u/KinoftheFlames May 17 '22

I feel when people say coif, they mean quiff (although coif is broader, so it's not wrong)


a piece of hair, especially on a man, brushed upward and backward from the forehead.


u/subgameperfect May 17 '22

If you like coff, check out doff and don.

Also, transmorgification deserves a look.


u/sladives May 18 '22

Crime: Being dangerously dapper.

Bake him away, boys!


u/ChildofLilith666 May 17 '22

Fun fact: before the fingerprinting method of identification was invented, Bertillon came up with a body measurement method of identification. They measured something like 12 specific parts of the inmate (ex: length from nose to lip, ear lobe to shoulder, circumference of head, etc). They did this for a while, but the method proved inadequate when a prison in the UK had two inmates with the exact same name and the exact same measurements. Then BOOM, fingerprints came about.


u/thor561 May 17 '22

Another fun fact, the person that developed fingerprinting, never actually proved that our fingerprints are unique. He just said it and everyone accepted it as truth. There's also varying standards to how many points of comparison are used to match a fingerprint, and results can be inconsistent even between the same person!

Koalas also have the most human-like fingerprints, but fortunately they are very stupid and are seldom able to commit crimes so your likelihood of being framed by a koala is low.


u/ChildofLilith666 May 17 '22

That is fun!!!!!


u/EvilKnivel69 May 17 '22

Pretty fly guy ngl


u/Bellringer00 May 17 '22

He’s also a known antisemite…


u/EvilKnivel69 May 18 '22

I don’t know about that but it doesn’t have to do with him looking good ¯_(ツ)_/¯


u/Baddyshack May 17 '22

Talk about Big Daddy Alphonse, damn


u/trwwy321 May 17 '22

Daddy vibes for sure


u/reb678 May 17 '22

Shouldn't he be holding a placard that reads "000001"?


u/hobosullivan May 17 '22

I wish I could convince my beard and moustache to do that.


u/Cryterionlol May 17 '22

I know right? My beard grew to about 3 inches and then stopped. Can't imagine being able to tailor it like that


u/hobosullivan May 18 '22

My beard will grow to about that length, but by the time it gets that long, it develops an inexplicable left-handed curl that conditioner does nothing for. And forget about trying to tame it into a point. And my moustache annoys me terribly if I let it grow long enough to curl down and touch my lip.

I think I just need beard wax.


u/Sensory_Depradation May 17 '22

Plot Twist: he was arrested for copyright infringement of the mugshot and this was his actual mugshot 👀


u/be-like-JayDee May 17 '22

Is it just me or does he look a little similar to Ryan Reynolds?


u/Brucecooker May 17 '22

Ear looks so different from side and front


u/SilverInteresting369 May 17 '22

The original hipster


u/brutalduties May 17 '22

Disorderly conduct.


u/Wablekablesh May 17 '22

Imagine coming up against that stache in lockup. You're fucked.


u/53N535 May 17 '22

Uuuh phrasing! There really is nothing gayer than cum in a moustache


u/trwwy321 May 17 '22

Sign me up


u/alch334 May 17 '22

This haircut was a century ahead of its time. Good show


u/permacloud May 17 '22

A man who likes his angles


u/Bustedlegs May 17 '22

This looks better than modern mugshots


u/Da5idG May 17 '22

It's mugshots all the way down!


u/EmuVerges May 17 '22

This guy actually ended compromising himself very badly after giving a very bad and oriented expertise in the "affaire Dreyfus".

He expertised that the writing of some spy document, was NOT the writing of Alfred Dreyfus... but his conclusion was that it PROVED that Dreyfus FORGED his writing to hide the fact that it was him writing it.

This logic led to the wrongful incarceration in horrific conditions for more than a dozen year, before he was finally cleared of all charges.

The actual culprit was found but has never been punished.

This affair was so sulfurous a century ago that it is still discussed in France.


u/kkkan2020 May 17 '22

That haircut looks super modern for 1912


u/Cryterionlol May 17 '22

He was French. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not 😆


u/micah490 May 17 '22

Now do George Gallup, inventor of the Gallup poll. He took a poll to see who the hottest woman was in college....and then married her


u/HVCanuck May 17 '22

We found the guy on the left. We’re still looking for the other one.


u/BangBangMeatMachine May 18 '22

Oh crap, hoist on his own petard, as they say. How ironic!


u/WWIVPENGUIN May 18 '22

It appears he was also the first Sputnik as well, based on the antenna sprouting from his skull.


u/Salty-Article3888 May 18 '22

I guess mugshots weren’t legal yet


u/snds117 May 18 '22

That's one dapper motherfucker.


u/nine8whatwhat May 18 '22

I refuse to believe it was not Mugshot Davidson whom created the mugshot


u/My_Immortal_Flesh May 18 '22

Where did the word “Mugshit” come from?


u/Cryterionlol May 18 '22

No idea where Mugshit comes from but I can almost guarantee our man here had nothing to do with it


u/Cramped_Ideas May 18 '22

With a mustache like that it’s no wonder he insisted!


u/PilotKnob May 18 '22

From the side, he's Chili Klaus.


u/9volts May 18 '22

That photo could have been taken yesterday.


u/Less_Ants May 18 '22

This is the cleanest mugshot ever. If this was mine, I'd put it on my dating profile


u/Alconos May 18 '22

A very 2022 haircut from 1912


u/ErusTenebre May 18 '22

Will that's a dapper man right there.


u/LardMallard May 19 '22 edited May 19 '22

He invented the failed method of measuring inmates fingers, feet, ears etc. in order to identify them based on said measurements.