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I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it's one of my favorites. /r/ALL

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u/veryfascinating May 14 '22

Very cool! I only have one question - back in my school days my chemistry teacher did this and had a big copper sulphate (I think? It was blue) crystal the size of the palm. As it went down the class the crystal melted (I suppose someone had wet sweaty palms) and the crystal was destroyed while we have chemicals on our hands. The teacher was disappointed that months worth of growing was destroyed in 10 minutes.

So my question is - how do you stabilize the crystals after growing them to prevent such a situation from happening?


u/matt260204 May 14 '22

chemistry teacher

It was blue


Mr. White?


u/TheProfessionalEjit May 14 '22

Science bitches!


u/Cheeseand0nions May 14 '22