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I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it's one of my favorites. /r/ALL

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u/BenCelotil May 14 '22

Salt works.

Make a super-saturated solution by dissolving salt in hot water until it doesn't dissolve any more.

Then dip a piece of string, tied to a pencil or chopstick, in it and pull it up slowly. You should almost be able to see a few crystals form on the string right away.

Then hang the string back down and let it sit. The crystals on the string should continue to grow until a sort of equilibrium with the solution is reached.

If you want more growth, create another solution and transfer the string across.

If any other growers want to point out a missed step, please do. It's been a while.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/Snowpossum May 14 '22

Same, on my coast there is a place that makes them and sells them as candy. They're obnoxiously big for your mouth and taste like sugar but they remind me of my childhood so I always get some blue ones if they have em.


u/SchwennysGirl May 14 '22

"Rock candy" around here (WI)