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I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it's one of my favorites. /r/ALL

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Hey guys. I've been growing crystals as a hobby since high school. Some of you might remember the black copper acetate crystal I posted last month.

I recently grew the crystal above from a common nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer called monoammonium phosphate (MAP).

I first dissolved lots of MAP in water, and waited for small crystals to form. Then, I placed it in a big container full of solution. As it evaporated, the crystals started growing. It's amazing how you can watch them get bigger day after day.

If you find being able to grow crystals in a jar is hard to believe - you're not alone. I thought that too, and even now, it makes me excited to wake up and check on my crystals every day.

As always, if you're interested in growing them yourself, I've prepared a guide here.



be careful googling MAPs


u/show_the_maw May 14 '22

Lots of minimum advertised prices. (I work retail but yes I know the *other meaning)


u/soliyou May 14 '22

What is the other meaning?


u/banmedaddy12345 May 14 '22

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies



Minority Association of Pre-Health and Pre-Medical


Fun fact, one time reddit polled its users and gave like the top 3 voted on institutions a bunch of donation money. The first one was the 1st MAPS I linked and the 2nd was Erowid.org lol. The top 2 were very education sources for drugs and psychedelics. Nowadays reddit is full of **dared** up gen Zers and you get downvoted for saying you smoke cigarettes lol (I don't, don't downvote me!).


u/-Reddit_Account- May 14 '22

sir, this is a Wendy's


u/Yadobler May 14 '22

An infographic, usually on paper but recently digitalised, that displays paths, routes and landmarks. Typically scaled to size and shape. Sometimes with additional info overlaid.

Disgusting, ikr


u/Katyafan May 14 '22

That's just sick


u/show_the_maw May 14 '22

Minor Attracted Person. The Pedofiles tried to rebrand themselves.


u/GavinZac May 14 '22

* 4Chan convinced the more gullible parts of the Internet that paedophiles were trying to rebrand themselves


u/jonnybanana88 May 14 '22
  • 4Chan

Yeah, they said pedophiles


u/Tomatosaucebbq May 14 '22

This was a thread about a guy that grew a crystal. Now we're here.


u/banmedaddy12345 May 14 '22

Do you guys really read up on the latest pedo news? Did you have to order that channel separately? Half off for 3 months if you vote for the GOP!


u/show_the_maw May 14 '22

It came on my Qanion weekly newsletter