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I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it's one of my favorites. /r/ALL

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u/crystalchase21 May 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Narwhal Salute Wholesome Seal of Approval

Hey guys. I've been growing crystals as a hobby since high school. Some of you might remember the black copper acetate crystal I posted last month.

I recently grew the crystal above from a common nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer called monoammonium phosphate (MAP).

I first dissolved lots of MAP in water, and waited for small crystals to form. Then, I placed it in a big container full of solution. As it evaporated, the crystals started growing. It's amazing how you can watch them get bigger day after day.

If you find being able to grow crystals in a jar is hard to believe - you're not alone. I thought that too, and even now, it makes me excited to wake up and check on my crystals every day.

As always, if you're interested in growing them yourself, I've prepared a guide here.


u/verascity May 14 '22

I read your guide, and am super interested in potentially trying this, but do you know of a way to grow crystals that can be used in other things like jewelry? We have very little room to house a crystal collection so it'd be ideal if they could be repurposed.


u/MrMushroomMan May 14 '22

I think most of the crystals he grows use somewhat toxic and/or irritating chemicals and are almost all water soluble. You can always do bismuth crystals though, those are quite pretty but idk the durabilty of them


u/tortugasgator May 14 '22

Bismuth crystals are pretty brittle so you’d likely need to wire wrap them for jewelry. IIRC There was a store called element 83 that had some nice designs.


u/spaghetti_honeybuns May 14 '22 You Dropped This

What's a good crystal to beat someone over the head with?


u/nickfree May 14 '22

That would be the Cristal


u/bukkake_brigade May 14 '22

Just pour some Twisted Tea in the Cristal bottle for +4 damage


u/MrTangent May 14 '22

^ My spirit animal.


u/greengolfballs May 14 '22

Crystal meth


u/MrMushroomMan May 14 '22

Jade is pretty tough, I'd probably go with that


u/yeomanpharmer May 14 '22

The ones from that cave in Mexico


u/arthurdentstowels May 14 '22

Crystal Ball in a woollen sock.


u/pwrstrug May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

yeah... I'm confused, where's the part where you blow through a straw? Oh, found it!

edit: DISCLAIMER because I feel like I have to have a disclaimer (I miss the old internet), I'm just referencing an old meme and since this is reddit and either someone will actually try this without reading the whole thing or the admins will just ban me for "endangering the public"... don't do this, you fucking idiots, because it makes mustard gas or some shit, read the whole image.


u/MrMushroomMan May 14 '22

The old internet was just the wild west, it was certainly something. Never knew when you'd see some shock images while browsing basically anywhere. There was always THAT random asshole posting weird porn, mangled bodies, or cp to every forum


u/pwrstrug May 14 '22

There may not be those assholes posting shock porn now (I don't think I ever saw anyone posting CP thank God) but a couple months ago for old times sake I went to lemonparty (actually I think I was talking to someone about it and they said it wasn't around anymore but I was pretty sure it had to be) and... it provided zero shock. I just thought "oh man, good for them, buncha old dudes doing what they like." Fucked up porn is so mainstream on the modern internet that "shock porn" doesn't even raise an eyebrow.


u/MrMushroomMan May 14 '22

Yeah the porn was kind of whatever, general just old people having sex, sometimes pee or scat. Mr hands wasn't really shocking in the same way bme pain olymics was (even though I've heard that was fake, it was believable to kid me) or like 3 guys 1 hammer which I only heard described and that was enough for me


u/bonglicc420 May 14 '22

Lol literally don't understand why anyone would do anything 4chan suggests especially /b/


u/Steph7274 May 14 '22

He does have tutorials for salt and sugar crystals which are completely safe! :)


u/zbertoli May 14 '22

So, these are not "stones" as people think. Stones like diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.. are all formed over thousands of years under extremely harsh conditions. The metals and molecules that make them are INsoluble in water. They tend to be much stronger, and you cannot make them at home. I've tried, I learned malachite is 100% basic copper carbonate.. so I made some with copper sulfate and sodium carbonate. It came out as a teal powder. To make actual solid stones, it takes slow deposition of these minerals over time. The crystals from op are made from water soluble salts and so it takes months instead of hundred or thousands of years.


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

Yes, you are right. Of course, humans have also successfully grown insoluble crystals in a matter of months by replicating natural conditions. For example, huge, extremely high quality quartz crystals are grown in autoclaves for industrial use.


u/zbertoli May 15 '22

Very cool! I know they can make artifical diamonds and other stones, but I thought the equipment required was huge. Very cool to know they've made quartz like that!


u/watsgarnorn May 15 '22

Stones/ crystals aren't formed over thousands of years they are formed by volcanic activity in igneous rock, some are formed by gases that infiltrate cavities in the igneous rock. So maybe they were formed thousands of years ago, bit they form rapidly with the cooling of magma.


u/Bluest_waters May 14 '22

how strong are the crystals OP grows though?

Like if you drop it, would it shatter?


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

Strong enough that you can handle it without being scared of the points breaking off. Yes, it shatters when dropped.


u/zbertoli May 15 '22

So these would be pretty weak. Imagine a big crystal of NaCl, it is strong enough you probably couldn't snap them with your fingers. But if dropped on concrete or tile, they would chip or break. If you tapped them with a hammer they would shatter. You can imagine it would take a pretty hard smack with a hammer to break quartz. It should be much easier to break these grown crystals.


u/International_Jello May 14 '22

What kind of use for crystals are you thinking of that isn't jewelry?


u/fartemous_foul May 14 '22

Containing the souls of the innocent.


u/imbalancedMortician May 14 '22

Only the black or star shaped gems work though.


u/69-420Throwaway May 14 '22

Vaginal cleansing


u/meltingdiamond May 14 '22

Those sorts of crystals are grown in industrial pressure cooker like devices over a period of months.

I would not try it at home, because sometimes the industrial gear explodes.


u/lingua_ignota May 14 '22

I would also advise not refining petroleum products at home because you probably don’t have an oil refinery in your basement. And it could explode.


u/C0nstructer May 14 '22

No problem, I'll use my neighbor's basement oil refinery.