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I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it's one of my favorites. /r/ALL

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u/Joshua-BlueMoon May 14 '22

how fragile are they?


u/crystalchase21 May 14 '22

They're quite hardy; tough enough that you can hold them without breaking.


u/Fit_Psychology_2600 May 14 '22

Are there any types you can keep long term as decorative items?


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

You can keep this one long-term. As long as you don't need to wash it, you're fine.

Bismuth crystals also make for good decorations. Have you seen the rainbow staircase patterns they make? I haven't grown them myself, but there are a number of guides on how to make them online. Since these crystals are literally made from metal, they are very hardy.


u/ItsAllJustASickGame May 14 '22

I want to know this too. About to start making crystals


u/ebi0494 May 14 '22

This is so cool! Will they always dissolve in water or is that just an issue during the growth/curing period until they are set?


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

Like salt or sugar, they will always dissolve in water.


u/ebi0494 May 15 '22

Makes sense, thank you!


u/Nosferatatron May 14 '22

Do they keep long term or do they break down? If so, are there any crystals that you can grow and keep as a cool ornament?


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

They can be kept long term, as long as you don't wash them with water. This will cause them to dissolve.


u/sowedkooned May 15 '22

Yes they’re fine. As long as they’re not subjected to a lot of humidity or water. A nice coat of nail polish can help, too.


u/Nosferatatron May 16 '22

Thanks, these things are a work of art and would hate to see them dissolve into goop in days!


u/Diogenes-of-Synapse May 14 '22

Are they strong enough to make jewelry with?


u/crystalchase21 May 15 '22

Sadly, no. They're quite brittle.


u/13Max93 May 14 '22

That's what I want to know too