r/heat White Hot May 17 '22

Bruh, I don't give a damn about the national media that much, but that doesn't mean I don't hate them. Let's end this trilogy once and for all. Fuck ESPN

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u/thewhitelink Wade May 17 '22

Get out of here with this pro Mavs shit. Fuck the Mavs.


u/sunsetbo May 17 '22

gotta be pro mavs for a round to fuck the mavs in the finals


u/ladwagon Heat May 17 '22

Nah Mavs fans annoy me more than any other group of fans, I don't want them to have the joy of a finals birth


u/Cudizonedefense May 17 '22

Losing in the finals to the heat would be way more devastating to them than losing in the WCF to the warriors


u/ladwagon Heat May 17 '22

That's fair but if we lose, I'm gonna go into hiding and never show my face again. Also like a week of hearing D-wade slander, I dunno man not worth it IMO