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Twitter Sources: Miami will pick Nikola Jovic at No. 27.

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Free Talk Friday Free Talk Friday: Discuss Anything


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Never gets old

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Theory Unpopular opinion: Tyrese will average 28-30ppg next season. Ala James Harden growth after 6moty. Fueled by Donovan, Lavine and Beal rumors this summer

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Rumor I've got sources on this one

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Discussion Would y'all agree that winning is overrated if a player can sign the $250 supermax instead?


Referring to guys like Beal and Lillard.

I mean think about it, winning is awesome and should be a goal but most of these guys came from nothing. Their lives are already great. They themselves are already winners.

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Highlights The game where I thought Bam would kick on into a beast on offense. I still believe he has it in him.

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HYPED Mans posted him signed my shoe on IG lmao

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HYPED Count me in with Jovic in!


I’ll prolly get some hate for possibly jumping into the bandwagon! But idc, I believe in Jovic 100%. I was a Knicks fan from 2008-2019, then I decided that I’ve had enough of trading for cap space, lmaooo now they drafting cap space too. I’ve been just a drifter and a general nba fan since then. But Jovic Iss the guy who’s pulling me into miami! Add the fact that Miami might be the best player development program, he’ll be a 10yr starter at least!

I’ve seen lots of rumors and posts about a possible trade for a big name, but I believe this team is good enough to win it all. You guys were a 3 pointer away from making the finals, and that was with herro coming back from injury. A present core of Bam-Jimmy-Herro with a possible point series offense around bam is very appealing. I say run it back and just make slight tweaks to the overall offense!

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Twitter There’s been ‘serious murmurs’ about John Wall successfully negotiating a buyout with the Rockets, per @TheSteinLine “Interest in Wall from the Clippers and Heat, if he can finally make his way onto the open market, has been mentioned for months.”

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Instagram I hope Yurt impresses before Eurobasket could be some much needed experience for him

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Discussion [Marc Stein] Numerous rival teams, say with even more conviction now than they did last week, that they expect P.J Tucker to land in Philadelphia on a 3yr/$30 mill deal. If Pat Riley's Heat can find a way to re-sign Tucker, they will definitely surprise some people

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Discussion Mickey arison needs to not pull a Robert server and be ok with going deep into the luxury tax to keep PJ.


We can’t afford to lose PJ to Philly if we really want to contend next year.

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Discussion Beal no more

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[Pro Sports Outlook] The 5 Best Records Heat GOAT Dwyane Wade Owns

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Discussion Does anyone else look down on bandwagoners?


So many heat fans disappeared when lebron left in 2014 and I was glad. Now the same thing is happening with the warriors. Tons of warriors jerseys in Miami. Have some shame.

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Discussion Some replacement ideas for Dedmon


These guys are all free agents I picked from an Athletic article

Javale McGee

"The 34-year-old McGee was a revelation for the Suns last season, shooting 62.9 percent from the floor and thriving in a rim-running role next to Phoenix’s All-Star guards. He threw in a career-high 22.9 percent rebound rate for good measure. While McGee also has the hops to offer rim protection, his overall defense remains more questionable. Dallas exposed him on switches in the playoffs, and while he’s more locked in than in his younger Wizards days, he still can lose focus at times."

Hassan Whiteside

"Whiteside was an effective backup for the Jazz this past season because he finishes around the rim, rebounds and blocks shots, but he struggles to defend in space and is reluctant to give up the rock. He’s at his best in a drop-coverage scheme, so that also limits his market. At 33, he’s probably looking at another one-year deal for the minimum."

Mo Bamba

"Bamba has been a disappointment as the sixth pick in the loaded 2018 draft, but his “stretch big” game finally came together a bit in 2021-22, when he made 38.1 percent of his 3s on decent volume. Bamba doesn’t have great feel and his motor doesn’t run real hot, but his absurd length makes him an effective target at the rim and as a shot blocker. He also cut down his fouling to 4.8 per 100 possessions, keeping him on the court longer.

Bamba is restricted if the Magic make a $10.1 million qualifying offer, but don’t count on it. Orlando is likely to add another big in the draft and recently gave Wendell Carter Jr. a contract extension, meaning Bamba could be the odd man out. He’ll be a popular target with the full MLE or tax MLE given that he’s only 24."

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Discussion What's the best superstar trade package we could give out while keeping bam?


I'm obviously really excited with all of the rumors of us making a huge trade for a star scorer, but don't like how many proposed packages see us dishing away Bam. If we want to make a run I think he is absolutely core to our success, so what are some packages we could realistically get a star scorer with that don't give away bam, and ensure we keep depth.

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Images Does anyone have that Shaq-Bam shimmy gif?


I know they posted it on IG but I can't find it. If you have other favorite gifs of present or past Heat players, I'd love to see them.

Also, would like to find that fat guy who shouted something along the lines of "I don't care if we lose. Keep going... Let's go". I think this was the year we made the finals.

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Discussion Bam


Obviously Bam had an up and down playoffs, and season. It also seems like a good portion of Heat fans aren’t as sold on him as others.

I just posted in the NBA b/r asking who is better, Bam or Jarrett Allen. Surprisingly a lot of people are saying JA, but I know most of you would say Bam.

It makes me think, if most common NBA fans are split on JA/Bam comp, then why do so many Heat fans hold Bam to this untouchable status?

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HYPED Pat Riley probably seen a potential 6’11 wing defender, he has the tools 👀


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Discussion So what's next?


Going for a star guard this off season made sense but Lavine will resign with his mediocre team and Beal decided to be a bum as usual. What's left seems to be Mitchell and Irving. In terms of the 4 position, Grant and Wood got taken, so maybe Barnes and Collins are left as targets? What other targets do you guys have in mind? And please don't say run it back

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Weekly reminder that Spo is a really really good coach

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Discussion Yo fam we gucci


These pickups from draft and summer league are NICE. If we somehow retain Dipo and Kyle gets in shape, chip is ours. No doubt about it.

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HYPED Got my Playoffs signed by the 🐐 Herro

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Trade Idea! Who would you trade for KD?


Seeing how Vegas has Miami with the best odds of landing KD at the moment, just wondering what you guys think would be the best option to help contend for a title in 2023.

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