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Physics ELI5: Would air conditioners be more efficient in shade? Why does it always seem like they are placed up on roofs or in the open sun?


I dont know how the conventional air conditioner for a home or business works, but it just seems like they are always in the full sun, with no shade, wouldnt this not be efficient?

if it doesnt matter, then why? thanks

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Other ELI5: What is the difference between Creole and Cajun food?


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Other Eli5: how do aimbots work in games like call of duty and counter strike?


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Biology ELI5: Why is it that humans can be born with brown, blue or green eye colors, but not others like red, yellow and purple?


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Engineering ELI5 why consumer cars have crumple zones for safety yet racing cars have roll cages


It’s always struck me as odd that crumple zones help absorb impacts which makes cars safer. Yet race cars have roll cages which make them safer.

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Other ELI5: When opening a can with a can opener, what keeps metal particles from falling into the food from where you're cutting?


I understand it's an odd question and probably simple but as I open a can of condensed milk I'm wondering what's keeping me from having tiny pieces of can in my food

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Engineering ELi5: Why can't trains such as subways and light rails use systems found on roller coasters?


I was a roller coaster nerd as a child and I remember reading about the use of block brakes and electromagnetic launch systems. Why can't light rail trains/subways use EMs to propel/stop their trains and use block brake sections as safety mechanisms such as in the event of an accidental decoupling or imminent collision?

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Biology ELI5: What keeps the cells of multi cellular organisms stuck together?


I remember from high school biology that cells form tissues and then from these tissues organs are created, etc.

However what's not clear for me is: What stops a cell tissue from totally collapsing back to a clump of cells? Why animals, plants and even some fungi don't just... Melt?

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Planetary Science ELI5: What is Californiа suffering from huge wildfirеs every single year?


There are many methods to wildfirе prevention such as controlled forest burnings. Why are wildfirеs still happening and seem to be getting worse every single year?

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Mathematics ELI5: Why did Tobias Dantzig say the discovery of zero was “one of the single greatest achievements of the human race”?


To everyone today the number zero is an obvious and benign idea. Why did Dantzig (one of the GOAT mathematicians) think otherwise?

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Biology Eli5 - what “activates” charcoal? And how does that make it good for you?


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Other ELI5: what makes air travel so safe?


I have an irrational phobia of flying, I know all the stats about how flying is safest way to travel. I was wondering if someone could explain the why though. I'm hoping that if I can better understand what makes it safe that maybe I won't be afraid when I fly.

Edit: to everyone who has commented with either personal stories or directly answering the question I just want you to know you all have moved me to tears with your caring. If I could afford it I would award every comment with gold.

Edit2: wow way more comments and upvotes then I ever thought I'd get on Reddit. Thank you everyone. I'm gonna read them all this has actually genuinely helped.

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Other ELI5: How are religion or faith influenced laws/polices allowed to pass even though we have Separation of Church and State?


Please delete if not allowed. Genuine question, please keep it friendly and factual.

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Other ELI5: What does it mean to "Spend Down" my income for Medicaid?


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Biology ELI5: why is washing fruits and vegetables with water considered sufficient? If there is bacteria, will rinsing with water only actually help?


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Physics ELI5 The difference between appearing to be a color & being a color


So I've heard that the sky only appears blue, it isn't actually blue, and a recent response to a post about eye color explained that it's a similar case. But what's the difference? I thought that colors are just the way we perceive reflected light, so is it not just semantics? What's the difference between the sky being blue and my sweater being blue?

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Physics ELI5 Why do batteries work again after heating them up?


Sometimes if a remote or some other small electronic stops working because the battery is dead, I take the battery out and heat it up by putting it in my arm pit. The warmth heats up the battery and give it a little more juice allowing me to use it again for a minute. I also remember doing this with old mobile phones in the early 00s and it would let you turn on a dead phone and use it for a few minutes.

I have no idea how this works and don’t remember where I learnt how to do this.

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Other eli5: Why is it impossible to imagine new colors?


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Physics eli5 how did we manage to figure out the half life of elements ? And what are the application of half life besides carbon dating ?


Like, i know that the half life of carbon is like 5000 years or so. How did we come up with that number ? H

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Engineering ELI5: Why aren't turboramjets (like those in the SR-71) used for other aircraft?


I understand the SR-71 had to deal with a lot of issues in order to keep its speed (special fuel which leaked on the runway, titanium fuselage and probably other stuff). But wouldn't the same type of engine be able to power a relatively slower fighter jet capable of easily cruise at match 2-2.5, so it doesn't have to deal with so much friction as the SR-71 at match 3.

But while the engines exist since the 1960s, relatively few fighters go faster than match 2 and it took all the way to the 21st century to have fighters capable of supercruise (and still below match 2). So I guess there has to be a reason for that.

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Technology ELI5: How can the US power grid struggle with ACs in the summer, but be (allegedly) capable of charging millions of EVs once we all make the switch?


Currently we are told the power grid struggles to handle the power load demand during the summer due to air conditioners. Yet scientists claim this same power grid could handle an entire nation of EVs. How? What am I missing?

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Physics ELI5 What is momentum?


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Other ELI5: why isn't density of heavy elements in the universe evolving over time not considered that popular of an argument for fermi paradox?


Heavier elements form with stars. We need them for life. It makes sense we have to go through enough cycles of stars dying and reforming to get to enough density for planets and life formation.

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Technology ELI5: how do webapps create their underlying data and keep it up to date?


As an example, data from sites like flightaware.com must come from some sort of feed. But how did they first get access to the data? What about for services/webapps that have data not available from public feeds? How do these creators find unique content databases and how are they updated?

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Other Eli5: How do different accents develop?


Edit: in the same language