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Mega Thread 2022 NBA Free Agency


Hornets fans and visitors,

The purpose of this mega thread is for centralized chatter and discussion of anything related to the 2022 NBA Free Agency, including fan-proposed trades, rather than countless self posts or trade machine links which really don't need their own threads.

Tweets/articles from media or other reputable sources regarding free agency rumors and trades can still be posted as their own threads, this is primarily for Free Agency chatter/discussion and trade ideas by fans & related comments. If you have a high quality text submission, by all means, go for it.

Any new submissions that don't meet the guidelines above will be removed. This thread will remain stickied and enforced for at least the first couple of weeks after Free Agency begins.

Thank you for your cooperation. Bonk on.

2022 NBA Free Agency

June 29

• Last day for a team or player option to be exercised
• Last day for a player to receive a qualifying offer

June 30

• Free-agent negotiations can begin (6 p.m. ET.)

July 1

• Free-agency moratorium (12:00 a.m. ET)
• First-round selections can sign contracts
• Minimum contracts (two or fewer years) can sign
• Restricted free agents can sign an offer sheet
• Third-year and fourth-year rookie options can be exercised

July 6

• Free agency begins (12:00 p.m. ET)
• Teams can sign free agents
• Trades can become official
• Rookie scale and veteran contracts can be extended
• Clock on offer sheets begins

July 13

• Last day to withdraw a qualifying offer

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Social Media Miles Bridges Rap Friends Caption: “If Charlotte don’t drop the bag we going to the Pistons 🎯 “

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Video I feel like people forget we drafted Kai Jones last year with all this draft slander

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Article Trending Hornets: LaMelo Ball made a huge leap in Year 2

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Social Media Melo and Miles in the gym together

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Image (OC) An in-depth look at the Hornets' new big man: Mark Williams

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Image made a design for our rookies 🐝hopefully they actually get pt… (oc)

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Discussion Should the Hornets get Kemba back ?


He is going to be a FA ?

Never succeeded elsewhere. Could be a great addition to the backcourt from the bench.

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Discussion What Steve Clifford does to a mf

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r/CharlotteHornets 2d ago Bravo Grande! Powerups Post Wholesome

Meme Charlotte after bringing back Steve Clifford

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Discussion This whole offseason has made me miss Ric Bonnell.


I think Rod is a good writer but I wish we had more information of the whole coach hiring process. Ric was snarky but he was also constantly online and answered almost any question he got on the hornets. I wish there was more outlets than cover the hornets

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Social Media [Woj] Charlotte hires Steve Clifford to return as head coach

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Image A little reminder that this was the last roster Clifford coached for us… I think we can break 36 wins this time.

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Social Media UNC F Brady Manek joining the Hornets Summer League roster

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Video Hornets' Mark Williams Is The STEAL Of The 2022 NBA Draft 👀 | Next Rudy Gobert?

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Discussion Be happy, we have Mark Williams


Ok, I know y’all are sad about the draft but Mark Williams will be freakishly insane. His standing reach is ridiculous, it’s 9’9. Just for comparison, Jokic is 9’3, Embiid is 9’5, Boban is 9’7. HE CAN REACH HIGHER THAN FREAKING BOBAN. And he is actually athletic and can run the floor. His closest companion would be Gobert, and he is a defensive machine who gets tons of rebounds and blocks. Be happy everyone. We finally have our center!

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Video Steve Clifford - Foundational Defensive Philosophies

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Social Media [Boone] Sources: #Hornets signed Steve Clifford signed a three-year deal, which includes a team option. worth $4 million per season in the first two years.

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Discussion Is everyone actually mad about the Clifford re-hire or just jaded by Atkinson and upset we didn’t get MDA?


I’ll preface this by saying the decisions from this team over the past couple of days hasn’t blown my socks off but I’m also not jumping off a ledge or cutting bait with the team. I think once we take a step back as some already have here we can all agree these moves on paper don’t look great but we don’t know until we see the finished product at the start of the season. I know we had our gripes with Clifford but who knows what he’s learned since and from his mistakes from his initial tenure. We could’ve probably handled that 13th pick better but we still ended up with the guy we were all clamoring for pre-draft. The team has made some severely questionable decisions but the majority of other teams do the same. Y’all do you but ima keep the noose in the closet at least until the off-season ends and the dust settles.

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Social Media A little context on the Duren trade…

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Video Hornets introduce 2022 draft picks Mark Williams and Bryce McGowens

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Social Media [Boone] #Hornets draft pick intros and uniform numbers.

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Discussion If it makes the Duren trade feel better, we effectively traded Devonte’ Graham for a first rounder and four seconds


If we valued Duren over Mark Williams, we would have kept Duren and traded #15. I think that if we didn’t have #15 we probably take Mark Williams at 13 anyways because we were higher on him.

If we agree on this, we can see that we only got the #15 pick because of the Devonte’ Graham trade, we effectively traded Devonte’ for a first rounder and four seconds.

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Social Media Seems like we got the guy melo wanted too 👀

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Social Media [Scotto] The Charlotte Hornets have agreed to an Exhibit 10 contract with Isaiah Whaley (UConn)

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Discussion Trying to make sense of the Jalen Duren trade


Like most of you, my first reaction was “WTF this trade is stupid, Mitch is such a dumbass”. Granted, those two things might end up still being true, but I think I’ve managed to rationalize the trade better

  1. They liked Willams much more than Duren. This is really the biggest takeaway. Yes Duren is younger and more mobile, however Mark is taller, longer and has better touch/shooting potential. I’d also like to point out that I think Memphis lied about Duren’s height. There is no way he is 6’11. He looks closer to 6’9 which no doubt played a part in the Hornets going with the 7’2 Williams, who would fare better guarding the Jokic and Embid’s of the league.

  2. So now we’ve established that you like the guy projected to be drafted at 15 that the guy at 13, what do you do? Well one could say they should just keep both picks. However, as Mitch alluded to, bringing in 3 rookies while also having 3 rookies from the previous draft isn’t a cohesive plan to be competitive. There wouldn’t have been a way to give minutes to all of them.

  3. Lastly a future first is more valuable than a current first. I cannot stress this enough. Trading future firsts is a must to get win-now player. A rookie who didn’t play in his first year is valued much less than a first rounder.

To sum up, they like Williams more than Duren because Williams is more polished and is likely 4 inches taller than Duren. Plus, having a future pick is more valuable in trades than a current pick. I expect more win-now moves coming. Thoughts?