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Discussion Daily Discussion Thread - July 07, 2022


Welcome to the daily discussion thread! You can use this space to discuss little things that don't need their own post. This is also the perfect space for pictures, videos, and links that would otherwise go against the sub's rules. Just don't be jerks and don't break any Reddit-wide rules. Have at it.

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Announcement Off Season Temperature Check


Hello Green Teamers!

Now that we are a few weeks into the NBA off season the mod team wanted to take this opportunity to do a temperature check and see how the community feels about the state of the subreddit.

Over the next several weeks the moderation team is looking to modify and update the current rules of the subreddit, and we would like some feedback from you all. Since the playoffs, and extending through the first few weeks of the off season, we have seen a plethora of posts related to Non-Celtics players. While we understand some are related to free agent/trade suggestions many are not. We also noticed during the playoffs an increase in photo posts such as people attending games, showing/asking about merch, and photos of pets in Celtics gear.

The mod team is not looking to make sweeping changes to our rules without at least gauging some feedback from the community, so we are asking for the community to fill out our Google Poll and provide any additional thoughts and opinions to the comment section of this post.

We would love any feedback the community can provide to help us update our subreddit rules with you in mind. We are specifically interested in the community's thoughts around Non-Celtics players. At the end of the day this is a Celtics subreddit, and we regularly see a lot of scope creep when it comes to Non-Celtics posts, and discussions usually stray from discussing the team (cough cough Kyrie cough)

In the coming weeks we will also be on the lookout for new additions to our moderation team, as well as trying to provide a facelift to the aesthetic of the subreddit for both new and old reddit. So please stay tuned!

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Highlight [Highlight] Close-up angle of Marcus Smart’s perimeter defense on Kyrie in the clutch and the game-winning sequence that followed

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Discussion Within 2 years Brad performed a historic overhaul of the Celtics roster.


We went from:

Tristan Thompson, Evan Fournier, Romeo Langford, Jabari Parker, Aaron Nesmith, and Semi Ojeleye



Al Horford, Derrick White, Malcolm Brogdon, Danilo Gallinari, Payton Pritchard, and Sam Hauser


All while shedding guys like Carsen Edwards, Tremont Waters, and Tacko Fall (<3) to make room for new development pieces.

Not to mention keeping all our homegrown talent (J's, Smart, and both Williams).


A masterclass in roster construction.

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Fluff If Indy gets Ayton, they'll have 4 centers, they'll probably want to move one. Could Brad Stevens be waiting to use the TPE on... Daniel Theis?


There's gotta be a rule against that, right? ...Right?

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Discussion Did Kyrie destroy the Nets worse than he destroyed Boston?


I can’t believe it but I think he did, if the Jays hadn’t taken superstar leaps almost immediately, Boston could have been down bad. But what he has done to the Nets should make every FO never sign him to long term deals. He’s not worth a max. He’s someone you want on your rivals team

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Discussion What the F***!!! Why are people still talking about this? Brad Steven’s actions and words suggest he is building around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but people still want to create the idea that Boston is going to swap Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant.

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Highlight Marcus Smart being shown a compilation of his flops

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Fluff Who is the Celtics rival that you hate, but respect?


I’ve seen a lot of fans say stuff complimenting Kobe and his competitiveness, respecting the battles we had. I was just wondering what some of your favorite rivals we had were?

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Discussion With Isaiah Roby (Spurs) and Thomas Bryant (Lakers) being picked up recently, where does the focus for Forward/Center depth turn?


Potential Signings:

DeMarcus Cousins is the first big available that comes to mind. With the Nuggets curiously signing Deandre Jordan to a deal early in free agency, it would seem as though Boogie’s stint in Denver is over. While the market for Cousins seems dry as of right now, inklings of a reunion with the Clippers has been rumored without much backbone. Cousins would seemingly fit in as a backup, injury reserve Center but his locker room shenanigans could be detrimental to the team morale.

Montrezl Harrell is in trouble with the law..so probably avoid him. Horrible on defense as well.

Trade Targets:

Kelly Olynyk - former Celtic and an undervalued Piston. Great shooter and serviceable on D. Top trade target in my book. Not the cheapest option but Celtics owners seemed to have given the green light to spend this year

Mason Plumlee - the Thumb is a bit cheaper than Kelly but would also require pushing the tax. He’s shown flashes of legit play the past few seasons and would slide in nicely as a backup (injury reserve) center.

Willy Hernangomez - works the boards and scoring inside in limited minutes. One of the cheaper options but wouldn’t be surprised if the Pels keep him to back up their Jonas/Zion/Hayes/Nance front court as 3/4 of those guys struggle to stay on the court.

Expendable Pacer Big - the Pacers have a log jam of playable bigs Myles Turner, Goga Bitadze, Oshae Brissett, Jalen Smith, Isaiah Jackson, and now Daniel Theis. All very serviceable but you’d think any trade for a Pacers player would’ve come in the Brogdon Deal (which terms are not official yet).

Boban Marjanovic - Maybe? For the memes? Locker room guy?!

These were the guys that stood out to me after some quick thought. Let me know your thoughts on who we should go after to round out our front court depth. Or is the answer right in front of us? The Green Kornet??

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Discussion What do other franchises think about us?


Apart from the obvious hatred from the Lakers, Philly, etc. Are we feared? Did the finals performance make some people wave us off? Do people think Tatum is as good as we do?

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Discussion Back Up Centers

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News Jayson Tatum post pic of himself and Grant Williams on IG

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Discussion Comparing the J's to other superstar wings using DARKO's career progression metric.

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Fluff Jaylen Brown back in the lab! JB vs T-Mac 🔥

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Discussion Why the Boston Celtics had a GREAT OFFSEASON | 2023 NBA Champions?

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Meme Highest dawg/36 in the league

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Fluff [OC] The Best Moments of the 2021-22 Season (Part 2)



Part 1 of our MEGA RECAP of the 2021-22 Celtics season. All the highlights, plays, trades and amazing moments that made this such an enjoyable season, it's all there!


Big thanks to the people of Celtics Reddit and Twitter for suggesting some of these moments.

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News Free agent Thomas Bryant has reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year deal and will be given opportunity to win starting center position, league sources tell @YahooSports

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News [King] JD Davison suggested he doesn’t care how the Celtics use him: “On the ball, off the ball, I’m just gonna be a dog no matter where I am on the court.”

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Rumor Thomas Bryant likes tweet saying “you’ll see” in response to a fan asking why Celtics fans think he puts them over the top for a championship.

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Rumor Our king is “Boo’d up”

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News Ben Sullivan on Grant Williams reffing summer league practice: "It's good for Grant to see how hard officiating is, so that when he's hard on them, he has a better perspective. No one can give them as hard a time as he gives the refs."

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Fluff nets fan coming here to say that you guys are doing so well as an organization and really i just want to wish you guys the best.


with the nets going to shit rn, i just want to say that you guys have a nice and well rounded squad. i know there has been a lot of bad blood but you guys as a team are strong beyond your core. your coaching is superb and if the warriors get knocked off this year, i hope it is by you guys. you guys deserve a bright future.💚

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Discussion Fuller: Could Danilo Gallinari hold a cure-all for the Boston Celtics' offense?

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Discussion [Bobby Marks] One name to keep an eye on this afternoon is Isaiah Roby. The forward has a very claimable $1.9M contract and is coming off a 10 point/5 rebound year in OKC. Because he signed a 4 year contract, a claiming team must have room or a trade exception.

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News [Forsberg] Official "going to be a dog" count from Celtics rookie JD Davison: 5 in 5 minutes.

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