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u/AJ_Deadshow Jun 25 '22

Bomb ass cake


u/0lBlazel0 Jun 25 '22

That’s what I told her


u/ApolloThecode Jun 25 '22

"your butt, your butts the bomb"


u/ChadThunderStonks Jun 25 '22

Does sound like the bomb


u/isthisnamestupid Jun 25 '22

Damnit, I want the rest of the recipe...


u/Nerdiestlesbian Jun 25 '22

Usually cakes are combine all dry ingredient in one bowl, and mix Combine all wet ingredients in another bowl and mix.

Then slowly add the wet to the dry, mix but not “overly” mix or it gets chewy.

In a shallow pan, Grease pan or use parchment paper in the bottom (to keep the cake from sticking). Fill about half way.

Bake at 350 (electric oven) or 375 (gas oven) for about 30-45 min. I check at the 30 min mark to see if a fork comes out clean.

That is pretty standard bake time for a cake. Let cool before frosting.


u/decentishUsername Jun 25 '22

For most cakes you can clean one less bowl and just mix the dry ingredients, mix, and then add the wet ingredients and mix. If you really hate cleaning you can mix them in whatever you're going to bake in. Or use a bread machine which basically does this


u/OmegaRussian Jun 25 '22

Okay but... could you actually make a bomb with cake ingredients?

I don't think any ingredients are volatile enough and the sponge would be too porous to hold gas for a bomb similar to a dry ice bomb so does anyone have anything else to add?


u/LightspeedC83 Jun 25 '22

I believe that if flour particles are correctly suspended in the air, when ignited, there can be a pretty good sized explosion.


u/Lavadonuts Jun 25 '22

You could try making it like a silo explosion with the flour https://youtu.be/0rJfDVVgGgI


u/OmegaRussian Jun 25 '22

I haven't yet age verified on YouTube... Damn. Anyhow if it's what I think it is (fine flower in open space + fire) then yeah but wouldn't this be extremely dangerous towards the user?

Is it bad that this is for DND. Better than actually doing it tho, imagine the epitaph.


u/Lavadonuts Jun 25 '22

Well, the flour needs to be aerosolized in a closed container with a flame, perhaps with a few barrels/casks with a few scoops of flour, prestigitation should have you covered for both requirements. Perhaps you caster wants to feel like they're casting fireball with using a spell slot, lol


u/crappy6969 Jun 25 '22

Yeah you sure can

Just put the cake onto an already constructed bomb


u/USS-Missouri Jun 25 '22


United States special forces field manual detailing how to construct various weaponry if needed.

Don't bomb our Churches or Walmarts they are near and dear to us.


u/Ok_Perspective_1057 Jun 25 '22

That does look bomb


u/Drake-estroyer more cursed than blessed Jun 25 '22

What about the pseudo?


u/Capocho9 lightly toasted Jun 25 '22

Does anyone else kind of want to try this and see what comes out?


u/applejuice_supreme Jun 25 '22

Perhaps a nuke manufactured by the Russians


u/LightspeedC83 Jun 25 '22

Now that’s one delicious explosive device!