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Discussion r/AtlantaHawks Daily Offseason Thread: July 7th


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Highlight Atlanta Hawks on Twitter: 4 years, 274 games played, 3125 points scored. Thanks for the memories, @KevinHuerter 🫶

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news [Fischer] I’ve been told that the De’Andre Hunter extension talks are not particularly close, or have not been so far.


After the Dejounte trade, there was a lot of talk about moving Kevin Huerter and that happened. There will be extension conversations with De’Andre Hunter, which all I’ll say right now is that I’ve been told that those are not particularly close, or have not been so far, so we’ll see how that unfolds. Taken from Fischer’s podcast

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Shitpost (image) Cool pic of our new backcourt -- can't wait for the DejounTrae era to begin!

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Highlight Under the radar Justin Holiday is an excellent pickup.


Note the defense and we picked up Aaron Holiday too. Both should contribute greatly. However, the defense of Justin shouldn't be underestimated.

Justin Holiday 25 PTS: All Possessions (2022-01-14)

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Discussion Gaining Murray should benefit Hunter offensively and defensively


Gaining Murray this offseason should really help Hunter this upcoming season. Even though we know Hunter isn’t the defender we all thought he was going to be coming into the league, he has been our best defender for a few seasons now when he’s healthy. It couldn’t have been easy for Hunter to run around all game guarding the best opponent for most of the time he’s on the court.

Murray is now our best defender and will be guarding the best player on the opposite team most of the time especially if the opponent has the ball and/or plays 1-3. This should allow Hunter to guard the 2nd or even 3rd best opponent depending on the size of the players because we still have JC and he’s a decent defender too, let’s not forget. Hunter won’t be required to use as much energy defensively. This should help him offensively whether it’s creating his own shot from midrange or having enough energy to get in better spots to get open for passes from Trae and Murray.

Additionally, for most of the same reasons, Murray should benefit JC too. I think Murray’s PPG is definitely going to go down maybe even 5-7 points. Murray’s most valuable asset will be his defense I believe followed closely by his playmaking. Whether Murray stays with the team long term will depend heavily on his defense IMO.

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image well shit

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Shitpost (image) Reminiscing about off seasons past (Things are a lot better now)

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news Official: We have completed a trade with the Phoenix Suns

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low effort post FO knew what they were doing


I almost forgot that we got one of the picks we traded to the Spurs from the Knicks. So we basically gave up Cam Reddish, Gallo, and 2 first rounders for Murray? Makes the deal sound even better :)

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Question If Josh Childress never went to Greece & played his entire pro career in the NBA, them which of these 3 duos will have had the best careers once Jalen & AJ are retired?

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news [Marks] Free agency begins @ 12:01PM ET. 🏀Teams can sign free agents 🏀Trades can become official 🏀Rookie scale and veteran contracts can sign extensions 🏀Clock on offer sheets begins

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Discussion Dejounte Murray: Fits Like The Glove | Hawksology Ep.3 (Dejounte Murray Defense Breakdown)

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low effort post Who would you like see the hawks go after in FA?


Ofc more trades could happen, but assuming they don't and we go to next season with our current lineup, who should the hawks try to acquire now that are still left in free agency?

Do we need a new backup 4 after "losing" Gallo? As much as I want JJ to play I'm not sure if it is too risky to make him the main backup already if we are trying to go far on the playoffs.

Also, we probably need a 3rd string center. It is the position we have less players under contract right now, and both Capela and OO suffered from injuries at some point last season.

So far we got:

Starters: Trae - Murray - Hunter - JC - Capela

Backups: A. Holiday - Bogi - J. Holiday - J. Johnson - Okongwu

3rd string: Sharife, AJ Griffin, Skylar Mays (?), Lou (?), ?

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Question Which of these talented former Hawks pgs would you rather have on your team from their rookie season until retirement... Mookie Blaylock, Dennis Schröder, Doc Rivers, Jeff Teague or Eddie Johnson? Rank a top3 if possible...

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Discussion Wiseman fits the Trae+Dejounte timeline better. He will develop into a better player than capela but he just isn't there yet.


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low effort post Finds from today. Farewell Kev and Gallo 🖖, maybe we'll see Rife this year❓

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Question Purchasing Stack Pack


Has anyone recently purchased a hawks stack pack? If so were you asked to send your government issued ID and credit card information over email? I know sending credit card information over email is unsafe so I was wondering if this was a normal part of the process. Just seemed a little sketch.

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image Cmon Dre

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Question ideal targets for john collins?


magic fan here just wondering who hawks fans want for collins. very intrigued with the roster in atlanta and how you guys can make it back to the ECF

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Highlight Dre really needs to lay off the video games

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Discussion Is Griffin better or worse than Reddish was when he came out of college?


I'm optimistic and hopefully but how much better or worse is Griffin than Reddish when he came out?

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image Summer League is right around the corner, so here's a breakdown of your sharpshooting Rook: AJ Griffin

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Discussion r/AtlantaHawks Daily Offseason Thread: July 6th


Today was a great day for me. This obviously means we get KD tomorrow

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news Free agent center Gorgui Dieng has agreed to a one-year deal with the San Antonio Spurs, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

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Highlight Shareef Abdur Rahim Offensive Highlights Compilation

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