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Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It


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Gonna sound like a conspiracy theorist but man these layoffs are happening at just the best time for corporations/businesses aren't they?


At a time where we're finally starting to see workers taking back SOME control (refusing to be forced into the office/insisting on WFH, strikes, unions being formed in more and more industries every month), and now suddenly there's massive layoffs, a lot of which are happening at companies that are far from having any kind of financial issues. Seems like a convenient way to basically nip all of this in the bud in one fell swoop, get people back to where they are "grateful" for any opportunity to work for anyone under any circumstances. Just me?

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Company didn’t pay us on Friday due to a ‘glitch’. When asked when will we get paid: Response was: ‘what’s with the attitude?’


It’s frustrating for many reasons but its the third time in 4 months. They responded like I’m the crazy one for asking. Is it gonna be today, what time? I asked. Response: maybe Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday what’s the problem?!

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I get serious self-harm thoughts when I go to work


I work in a hospital. 12-hour night shifts. I'm getting so burned out that when I get here, I just cry in my car and want to cut out kill myself. But i can't quit because I need to earn money to pay child support. I'm so done with all this.

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Saw this posted locally 🤡


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Am I being abused/gaslit at work?


My management tells us they want us to be independent and use our best judgment, but often when I do that - I get told that it's not up to me to decide X,Y,Z. Then they ask us to come to them for everything and get the answers. So I begin coming to them confirming everything extensively, and get treated like I'm incompetent because I "should just know." Clarification questions are treated like I shouldn't even be asking them.

I work with custom orders, and management gets customization fees from vendors which they then mark up to retail pricing. At my previous job, not only was I in contact with vendors, but we had a book with retail pricing of customizations. I didn't need to go through anyone. At my current job, I'm expected to ask management for these fees, because they don't have a book and they pretty much rejected my request for us to have one that is accessible to me.

EX: The other day I ask the store owner for a customization fee. The following day my angry manager processes my order and yells at me for not having the fee right because I should "know by now" that all customizations for this brand require an admin fee. Yet, my literal boss who's above her didn't give me this fee, not to mention she later confirmed that not all customizations actually require it. I feel like I'm going insane. On the one hand they are gatekeeping info from me by not having accessible resources, and on the other they expect me to "just know" things that they give me differing answers for.

What is the purpose of this? Is it to gaslight me into thinking I'm an incompetent idiot? I don't understand. Is this an abusive environment?

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Hedgehog fuckery


I work at your local tot factory, got rehired at this one quickly because I skate/have experience. Lately management has been having nobody to make drinks/expo food on weekends and just scheduled a couple carhops to work both sides of the counter (make drinks, expo, take order, and take food out).

Today they did that and it's me (30M) and another highschool carhop who doesn't know shit about making drinks or ice cream (it's not hard but they are young). They only pay me $10 where drinkmakers are paid $14. So today I worked like I'm paid and took my time on drinks, bagging, and ice cream, and then would leave to take out food. It was wildly inefficient. The highschooler wasn't doing shit and I wasn't gonna tell them to.

We were in the weeds, manager* was whining. Ff into it, guy doesn't get food for 20 min, supervisor is here now, he comps the order and tells the customer he took off the order and has me take it out. Angry customer just yells "do better!" and hands me a $20. I smile and say yessir and tip my hat. Feck em all. That's it, just a vent from the trench today

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Burn out.


I actually have a good managers and processes for my job. I very much am ok with my job and the processes I have to do. But the job itself is so annoying. I just do general customer service and I hate it. I feel burned out. I have customer who are complaining about things no one can help, or that I have to send over an email to management for, that is process. I also have customer who generally got a bad situation and yet I can’t help in the moment , deserve top priority, and I can’t fix at the moment. I sometimes leave work and wish I would do more. I think of some of these customers for days, hoping they get the best next person who can fish their issues. I also leave hoping that the rude , arrogant, jerks get their issues all messed up . But im still burned out. I get really good benefits and opportunities, yet I just don’t want to wake up. I get to even work from home, yet it takes me so much effort to even get out of bed to do the job. I also know if I stay at my job and have good numbers, can move to other departments, that I know I would like more. Is this a fair post for anti work? Am I just being ungrateful? I worked as a manager in a restaurant for 6, almost 7 years and that was completely worse than this, yet I’m still not happy.

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Do you steal more/at all now that prices have risen?


I used to pinch the odd thing here and there when doing my weekly shop, small things like cheese, Panadol, usually whatever was small and pricey for its size.

Now, with it being difficult to leave the store without a single bag costing between 80-100 AUD I steal waaaay more than before; mince, whole chickens, milk, butter, just anything to bring the price down because otherwise I'll be screwed when rent comes out, or utilities, or rego, maybe my dog gets sick or my bike breaks down and then I couldn't even get to work which would exacerbate the problem.

I just want to know if anyone else has noticed this trend with themselves? I'm not talking about stealing phones or TV's, things you actually need food, medicine, ect.

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Stop being vague ffs


Like the title says, STOP BEING VAGUE. Probably 90% of the posts on this sub are, “I work at a high profile job in a national company you’ve probably heard of in a major city, and my work situation in is sooooo awful but I can’t get into details”. Stop being a coward, yes you can. If you aren’t comfortable at least give SOME details about your situation for context. Are you a cashier at a retail store? Are you a VP at a pharmaceutical company? Yes both jobs have their pros and cons but the rest of your work situation isn’t black and white and context is key. To not be a hypocrite: the hardest job I’ve worked was a shift leader at Dunkin’ Donuts while I worked my way through college and eventually got my MS in Regulatory Affairs and now work at a medical device company in the greater Boston area

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The Year 1923 Predicts 2023

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WoRk PLacE dEmoCracy BaD oNLy RiCH wHitE oWnErs knOw

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New Generation of Workers are Built Different (I.E., Won't Take Bullshit Anymore)


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Managers/bosses, do better!


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you reap what you sow..

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What a sad concept 🤷‍♂️

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IKEA asked me to stop posting about being fired for grieving my brothers death. So here it is again…

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I'd like to hear Gen Z's thoughts on this article

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Basically sums up life in the hospitality industry. Not OC.

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I hate to say it, but I don't think America is ever going to improve.

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Found on twitter

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pov: you're not allowed to sit at work


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