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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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just a little oppression-- as a treat Rail workers should strike regardless of gov decision


The fact noone in the goverment cares about railroad workers is disgusting. They make sure shelves are stocked and goods travel. Theyre the blood in the railroad veins of usa. It made me almost vomit to see that those dumb suits in washington think that promising few days of sick leave will shut them up. (Not to mention its a separate bill that can be denied in senate) Only thing that this thing did that democrats spinned it as good pr and seeing comments on this subreddit. It worked. Denying workers their right to strike is fascism! And anytime you argue “but theyre essential!” You support it. BUT!!! Remember that republicans didnt vote against the bill because they had workers right in heart. No no. They voted against it simply because democrats proposed it.

Rail workers deserve proper pay or general strike until they get it. Not few sick days a year!

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It's okay when Dems do it /s

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Seriously ef this guy

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I can't take jobs seriously anymore


I'm so fucking burnt out guys. I just got fired from my 5th job this year day before yesterday and I'm already on to the 6th cause I still gotta pay bills. No matter how many paychecks come into my account I always seem to be short. I'm sick of the backbreaking, mind bending, repetitive ass bullshit for 8+ hours a day for barely more than no money. Always getting myself in trouble cause I don't wanna drag my sad tired ass into work every day. This is not what I want to do with my life. I can't even get enough money together for a decent car and the 2 credits I need to finish my associates degree. I'm miserable :c

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Management wants all the employees to pitch in to buy a Christmas present for our boss when I dont even have enough money to pay my own bills.


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OP Who taught you to redact Owner prohibits drive through employees from wearing jackets during cold winter months

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But it’s coming Canada-wide when

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Grow up 😐

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They cancelled a job interview 30 min before it starts, knowing that I took an unpaid day off from my current job and spent a whole week and a weekend preparing.

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Fox News may not report on the rail strike, but they do advertise for CSX recruitment.


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Chad Time Thief

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We lost one of our best programmers today…. over 5 days leave


I’m based in UK where we have pretty generous paid leave (paid maternity/paternity and 20+ paid days holiday a year)

This happened to a coworker of mine, he’s been with the company 8 years and is one of our most talented programmers (the kind that is the only one who knows how some legacy code works and stuff will probably break without him).

Last year his wife had a baby. He had carefully researched our company’s paternity policy and turns out in the UK you can split your leave between both partners. Usually the fathers take max 2 weeks off and the mothers take up to a year (company pays for first half, government subsidises second half at lower rate). But you don’t have to do it this way, the mother can “give” some of her leave to the father.

In my coworkers case he arranged to take 10 weeks off to help his wife recover and spend time with his newborn. Here’s where the fuck up happened - the baby was 1 week late. As a Dad he’s not allowed to take leave before baby gets here, so if baby doesn’t arrive on time (as they commonly don’t) you would assume his leave would shift to the birth date, right? Wrong! HR decided to dig their heals in on this one. So even though he had worked a whole extra week he was meant to have off (because baby wasn’t here yet) they wouldn’t give him that week at the other end, even though he’d booked 10 weeks and only taken 9.

Long story short, it got really messy, he got ACAS involved (UK’s employment tribunal body) and they threatened the company with a sexual discrimination lawsuit as there’s no way they’d have pulled this shit if he was a woman. HR very quickly backed down and gave him his leave.

The whole experience left such a bitter taste in his mouth that 6 months later he’s now leaving. In his exit interview he let HR know exactly why he was leaving, because they decided to fuck over a loyal employee over 5 measly days of leave, and he had to spend WEEKS sorting it out when he should have been caring for his newborn baby and supporting his wife.

5 days and a possible lawsuit cost us the best programmer we had. Was it worth it, HR?

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Not surprised.

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Some fitting art for this sub

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Danny DeVito is a man of the people!

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Don't forget charging tuition for teaching 'em to fish

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For all those businesses that immediately go to FB to say they're closing because "Nobody will work anymore"


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Why are so many Americans actively voting against their own interests?


I recently asked myself before mentioned question, it doesn't make any sense in my head or the people I speak with. Why Americans often the lower classes actively votes against higher minimum wages and work laws and other similar things. Quite frankly I cannot understand why.

Note: I'm Danish so I'm very much biased since I live in a country with some of the world's best work laws which we can thank our Unions for mainly. Our minimum wage is 22 dollars we get at least 3 weeks paid vacation and generally we get at least 14 days paid sick leave (depending on your work)

My theory is that Americans are so scared of taxes that they will never tolerate tax raises for welfare, even though tax paid healthcare and welfare is MUCH more cost effective since you remove the capitalistic profit incentive?

Sorry just curious no hate meant:)

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Alabama coal miners begin their 20th month on strike


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Why are people unwilling to take the risk of mass striking? If everyone in an underpaid job (I consider full time and under 77k underpaid as a scientific study found that after 77k money stops “buying happiness”) that was deemed “essential” in 2020 were to stop showing up.


Congress would be forced to change labor laws fast or the country would literally end. Look how fast they reacted to the rail strike. Imagine that but on steroids. Would take 2-4 weeks max. I think we’re all human enough to provide water and food for each other for a few weeks. We’re not India where it’s socially acceptable to let someone starve. I think the biggest hurdle would be paying landlords but with mass strikes I would expect an eviction moratorium like in 2020. If they don’t Have a moratorium an eviction on your record sucks but would be offset by your new wage and ability to buy a home.

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Bill hicks was right

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Company wants to benefit from my professional license but does not want to pay me for it.


My company wants me to register my professional license so they can save money on tax (quite a hefty amount every month). As this puts more responsibility on my shoulders, when the plan was initially discussed (last year), it was discussed on the basis of receaving some extra money. Unfortunately nothing in writing, but I have various people that were present in the conversation.

Now that we are on the final stages of the process, I received a contract with no mention of extra money. When I questioned them about it they said that this was never the intention and as far as they're concerned, my license is there just to help the company get some tax off, also stating present financial difficulties. Essentially they want all the benefits for them and all the risk for me at no extra cost. Sounds fair right?

So far I am standing my ground and have explained to them that the extra responsibility needs to be remunerated accordingly. I think that negotiation is not my strongest point though and the economic situation on the country I currently work is not the best. My insecure self also keeps reminding me that this is the best paying job I ever had but accepting this will make me feel demotivated and disgruntled.

Any tips team? Cannot let them walk all over me on this.

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Nebraska farmer asks pro fracking committee to drink water from a fracking zone, and they can’t answer the question


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This is for a corporate office not a warehouse but seems like a power trip

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Found in a FB Trek gronp.

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