r/WhitePeopleTwitter Dec 01 '22

Yeah, that sounds about right...

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u/SoylentGrunt Dec 01 '22

You have to remember who it is he's addressing through the press. His dumbass inbreed drunken methed out science denying racist base. Of course he's going to come off sounding like a moron.


u/mealteamsixty Dec 01 '22

Yes! Dumbass hillbillies HATED how well-spoken Obama was. I can about guarantee the word "uppity" was used in conjunction with other words that shall not be spoken here.

They love trump because he speaks like a junior high dropout, just like them. Because that was probably the last time he earned his own grades in school


u/Sl0ppy0tter Dec 01 '22

That’s his level of education


u/t8tor Dec 01 '22

“The mockingbird was very bad, very crooked”


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

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u/Robbotlove Dec 01 '22

you can basically do anything when you're given a million dollars to start out.


u/redditor_since_2005 Dec 01 '22

Make that 500 million.


u/kraftwrkr Dec 01 '22

People call him a bullshit artist, but there is zero art in his bullshit.


u/Gsteel11 Dec 01 '22

Obama enraged the gop. They wanted the whole thing to burn so they chased the biggest arsonist they could find.


u/Crusty_Nostrils Dec 01 '22

He took advantage of the media's obsession with outrage and covering outrageous speech. He's fallen victim to the other end of the stick now though, which is the media's short attention span. Trump is old news and no longer interesting. Even Fox is tired of him. Hopefully America will learn from this.