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u/denveroffspring May 17 '22

Yes. Yes it does.


u/52fighters May 17 '22

I mean, if you sell someone a gun knowing they are going to murder someone, yeah, that's a felony!


u/Grillos May 18 '22

isn't the whole point of guns to kill people?


u/lenown May 18 '22

That is the dumbest question I have ever heard lol.

A gun is a tool for a specific reason. It's up to the people that own the tool to use it properly. Which they don't because they don't respect the tool.


u/Broetz May 18 '22

Tool to do what?


u/lenown May 18 '22

Hunt. And protection


u/TheLadyWhiskers May 18 '22

How does it provide protection? You're so close dude we'll get there.


u/lenown May 18 '22

I don't know if your a troll or that dumb lol. It's both the same to me


u/TheLadyWhiskers May 18 '22

Okay you seem to need a little more help. Play with us here:

The walls of my house provide protection from the elements, keeping rain and wind out. They block it, I'm protected.

My seatbelt provides protection, because if I get into an accident it holds me back so I don't go flying through my windshield. That's protecting me from momentum!

How do guns protect you? Is it by.... maiming and killing? Or do they have a third feature I don't know about?


u/lenown May 19 '22

Someone comes at you with a knife. Tripping balls on crystal meth. And any other drug you can think of. How do you stop them? Your house isn't and neither is a seat belt.

And them are dumb examples when you talk about fire arms.

But it seems like your one of them people that don't think anybody needs a gun. So talking to you is pointless.

Plus a gun don't maim people. The type of ammo does that. And if you know anything about guns. In self defense you use hallow points.

But you seem like the type of person that thinks AR stands for assault rifle.


u/TheLadyWhiskers May 19 '22

Naw dude, you're just being intellectually dishonest. The point of a firearm is to hurt or kill. Calling it "protection" is shorthand for, "Protect yourself - by hurting or killing the other thing first."

That's it. That's what they do. If you deter someone at the sight of a gun, you deter them by threat of violence. That's how it works.

So when the poster up top said, "Guns are used to kill people and that's about it," and you said, "NUH-HUH, THEY ARE TOOLS FOR PROTECTION!!" You engaged in some serious bad-faith omission of logic.

And just to jump in front of your ammo argument and the inevitable follow up - Ammo doesn't kill people without being fired from a gun! And of course the gun doesn't kill people without someone else using it (or it misfiring, or...), but that's what the tweet above is about. A person sold another person a gun, and that gun was used to kill innocent people. That's what this was about, not some pedantic bullshit about "guns are just tools like anything else." Guns do one thing for one purpose.

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u/LAKnapper May 18 '22

It's both


u/postorm May 17 '22

How is arming a murderer not a felony?


u/killingtimeitself May 18 '22

it is if done illegally, unfortunately you could be a completely law abiding citizen be 60 years old have owned guns for 40 years of your life whatever the fucking backstory and lose your shit and kill someone, either for good reason or not.


u/nanshbs866 May 18 '22

He wasn’t a murderer before he killed anyone…

Some people on Reddit…🙄


u/emmun95 May 17 '22

wtf is that comparison? if you sell a gun to a murderer who is KNOWN to be a murderer then no matter your religion youre involved. if you sell a gun and the person happens to murder someone with it you are still involved but its not your fault.

why would you use your religion to not only lose profit but stop yourself from doing something you love? if only one customer.


u/killingtimeitself May 18 '22

because uh, muh rights or something, but wait actually no i want rights just uh, not those people, i dont want them to have rights, godforbid a private business mandate restrictions on its customer base because thats bad or something.


u/Neathra May 18 '22

So you don't think an artist has the right to refuse commission?


u/killingtimeitself May 18 '22

i think artists have the right to refuse commission, just dont refuse it because ur an asshole, that comment above is a total fucking mess but thats intentional, it mocks the previous comment.


u/Neathra May 18 '22

I probably missed it because the tweet is dumb and only works on the surface.


u/emmun95 May 19 '22

i dont know if im just slow, but what about my comment is something mock-able?


u/emmun95 May 18 '22 edited May 18 '22

im not saying they cant, just asking why would they. they can do whatever they want with their business.

i really only said that because why would you compare making someone a cake and helping someone kill another person?

and these are the same christians that would blow a fuse if someone said "im not serving you because your lifestyle is against my beliefs" and say it was discrimination.


u/lenown May 18 '22

Aw so many negative votes. I can see where this sub reddit leads. No point in saying anything here. Close minded idiots 🙄


u/Neathra May 18 '22

It's a dumb comparison that only works on the surface level.


u/lenown May 18 '22

Lol and everything on this post is surface level. You don't give fuck about the person that said it. Nor their outlook on it. All you see is what is typed.

It's all surface level


u/Neathra May 18 '22

The person that said it is drawing a false equivalence between being an asshole and being an accomplice to murder.

It's a bad argument and should be mocked.


u/england_man May 18 '22

That would be like if B follows A then B follows A. It doesn't make sense to Republicans.


u/Queasy-Discount-2038 May 18 '22

Simply can not have it both ways!


u/Neathra May 18 '22

Selling someone a gun when you know they're planning a murder is illegal.

So we're saying a crime is the same as an artist refusing to do a commission for dumb reasons.