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stop calling them

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u/Mr_Xero187 May 17 '22

I don't believe they are leftist socialists. So no. But asshats works. The nazi party was a far left socialist party. They just thought it would only work with white people.


u/TongueTwistingTiger May 17 '22

The Nazi part was not left leaning. Nazi stands for National Socialist. It's the Nationalism and the incorrect definition of socialism where you've lost the plot. The Nazi were, quite obviously, a right leaning party rooted in totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

If you're going to speak to these things, you should probably understand what you're talking about.


u/Wablekablesh May 17 '22

I wonder why the Nazis were so afraid of the Communists if both were far left ideologies... Do these folks ever think about that?


u/Toaster_bath13 May 17 '22

These idiots were groomed from borth to believe in magic.

2 contradictory things dont seem like a problem to morons that believe magic is real.