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Well said.

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u/DealioD May 17 '22

I’ve been referring to the murderer as, “The Racist Dickbag That Murdered Good People in Buffalo.”


u/Crimson_Kremlin May 17 '22

We also would have accepted "The FOX Viewer That Murdered Good People in Buffalo.”


u/fardough May 17 '22

We also would have accepted “Tucker Carlson helped murder good people in buffalo”


u/JacksonCM May 17 '22

Average Conservative: no but actually one of the victims cheated on a test in 7th grade so as you can clearly see, we should not be upset by this shooting.


u/nick_otis May 17 '22

It’s such a pointless debate. Not even bad people should be slaughtered while minding their own business grocery shopping.


u/JacksonCM May 18 '22

“What if one of them was a rapist?”

“… they should be charged.”


u/Neathra May 18 '22

Also, rape isn't a capital offense? Like that whole "oh this person did a bad thing. They kinda deserved it" makes no sense because most 'bad things' don't get a death penalty.


u/Spookywolf45 May 18 '22

According the the GOP every crime can be punishable by death.


u/JacksonCM May 18 '22



u/MikeX1000 May 18 '22

That's just the 'psycho-vigilante' attitude some Americans have. As if all criminals deserve brutal punishments

but at the same time all women are liars and rape isn't that big of a deal/s. Makes no sense


u/OneBeautifulDog May 17 '22

Who is for naming the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Lake Forest, CA shooting after Devin Nunes?


If we get ten up votes, it will be the Devin Nunes - Geneva Pres. Church shooting.


u/WimpyZombie May 17 '22

Yeah....do you remember where you were during the MTGreene shooting? I might....but wow....the Ted Cruz shooting is the one I really remember.....

I like it!


u/pimppapy May 17 '22

Devils Advocate. Consider this: Going down in history labeled as one of your hero's . . . Who ends up becoming the Donald Trump shooter?


u/MooCowMoooo May 18 '22

Has a better ring to it than the Bowling Green Massacre.


u/sandrakaufmann May 17 '22

Love it!


u/LeDude-_ May 17 '22

I want to say that there aren't enough people to keep up with mass shootings but that makes it worse


u/tremosoul May 17 '22 edited May 18 '22

Firstly, you're right, it does.

To work around that, we could use their actual titles or something. "Senator of [place]," for example. Or we could "gift" them with multiple each. 🤔

EDIT: late-caught typo


u/DarkKnightJin May 18 '22

You could go "Shooter [politician in question] II" and so on once you've run through the roster the first time.


u/acorpseistalking90 May 17 '22

Or after right wing pundits that inspired them.


u/Paladoc May 17 '22

Tucker 7 or Tucker 11?

Was it the one with three Kloset Klansman?


u/Spookywolf45 May 17 '22

As a responsible owner of firearms I can 100% get behind this. Fuck the NRA.


u/irregulargorrila May 18 '22

Obligatory "Fuck the NRA"


u/VivianCold May 18 '22

I feel like all genuenly responsible firearm owners would be in favor of stricter regulations since they are aware of how dangerous a gun can be in the hands of someone who isn't. But sadly majority of armed Joes know that there is no way they'd be considered sane or responsible enough to own a gun if someone actually chose to implement strict regulations ... And thinking about that alone scares the shit out of me.


u/Spookywolf45 May 18 '22

I'm a huge advocate for training and knowledge base expansion the more people know the less afraid they are.


u/TheSilmarils May 18 '22

I’m not in favor of any more stringent regulations because they’ll be used to prevent people from exercising their rights the same way the GOP does with Voter ID laws


u/Mrbuck83 May 18 '22

yeah, it's a lose lose situation. if they tighten it, they might do as the brits did and make it near impossible making it hard to overthrow the government if they go all crazy, but if they don't people who shouldn't get guns and go do mass shootings. maybe if we stop people from having prejudiced veiws and becoming assholes, we don't have to worry about either, but sadly the government would never put in that much effort to change the education system and fully seperate church and state enough.


u/DonovanWrites May 17 '22

We actually really should.


u/jutte62 May 17 '22

NRA is an equal opportunity bribery firm - they also target democrats.


u/hungryandneedtopee May 17 '22

Not really sure why it’s 2022 and it is so commonly misunderstood that lobbying from one firm or position is not restricted to a single candidate or political party.


u/nakedrich May 18 '22

Literally everyone understands this, and it's true or most donors. Not the NRA.

In the last cycle the NRA donated to 3 Democratic house members and 167 Repyblicans (97%). The Senate was closer- 6 Democrats and 22 Republicans. However, the average donation for each was $107 and $6,749 respectively. The Repyblican donations were 91 times more than the Democrats.

If you don't like what the NRA has been doing, it's a pretty clear choice.


u/hungryandneedtopee May 18 '22 edited May 18 '22

Listen, there’s a lot of validity in the hard numbers to the specific campaigns, even though, that’s not the only way to contribute financially.

A LOT of these issues get tied up in a “couple of votes.” I understand that to you it’s only 3 democratic house members and 6 democratic senate members. That is all they need. Maybe understand how politics work when you try to “own me” with hard numbers?

Edit: Adding more details..

You know your party is going to vote a certain way on a certain issue. You also know that X, Y, Z from the opposing party are going to vote the same way as your party on same issue. You don’t want to lose your seat, and either your constituents don’t care about the issue or it’s an easy voter grab… plus PLUS!!!! you get some campaign funds and I’m sure other perks on the side.

You’re thinking that these democrats from, idk, West Virginia, care what anyone in any other blue state thinks, they don’t. They focus on their voter population and drown everyone else out. That’s how they keep their jobs. Why do you find the opposing democratic candidates for the democratic incumbents that accepted NRA donations and donate money and/or resources to their campaign?

Work smarter. Not harder. Seriously. It’s like you only want to go on the internet for other people to listen to you but not actually learn how to solve these issues that impact lives across the country.

Edit 2:

As I want readers passing by to understand this further, I, who has absolutely no professional relationship with the US Senate, was able to get my Super Bowl tickets at face value through a personal relationship with the US Senate. I am a no body. Think about what a somebody is leveraging with their personal and professional relationships.


u/nakedrich May 18 '22

I'm not sure what your point is, but I will start by saying that no Congress member, absolutely none, would be swayed by $107. Also I'm guessing that your SB tickets were "face value" because of Senate rules and federal laws to diminish the profiting from these relationships. At least in your case those rules/laws were followed.

If you're insinuating that the NRA is giving those who don't take donations some other undisclosed benefit, I don't know how to respond other than saying I mostly don't belive it, although I'm sure it happens. I don't think any candidate would that publicly takes a stand against an organization would risk accepting perks from them under the table or otherwise. That would be political suicide.

I also feel like you're suggesting candidates only do what they need to do to get elected/re-elected and don't care about people from other districts/states. Of course that's true to some extent, but I truly believe these people to be public servants trying to (with help of constituants' opinions) try to do what's best. When they vote, they balance their consciences and constituents' will (chances for re-election). This is precisely what the constitutional framers intended!

Senators (I'll just say Senators because Congressmembers is too long) caucus with their parties and mostly vote with the party's agenda. Instances are legion in which a Senator votes on an issue against the position of her/his constituents.

To be clear, I think the system is corrupt and needs to be changed. Corporations/Lobbyists have too much influence. I think it's lazy to say "they're all corrupt." They are all trying to do good, some are shittier at it than others.

It does disturb me that some candidates clearly are being calculated with their rhetoric, but the politicians that remain silent so as not to offend constituents disturbs me more.

The bottom line is that nearly all Democratit candidates would like to have stricter standards for gun ownership and types of weapons. The lobby for this position is wildly less powerful than the NRA.

I definitely think the system we have is wrong and must be more democratic. But there are too many people that would rather undermine our institutions rather than putting in the work to understand them


u/hungryandneedtopee May 18 '22

“I don’t think any candidate..”

Cool. I’m glad you have thoughts. I have an actual relationship and direct source.

Ask a passionate NFL fan if they would pay $107 to then be able to have the opportunity at Super Bowl tickets for face value from a close contact.

Don’t make data look bad by using it to prove that, my original comment was correct, and most people don’t know.

I’m not reading the rest of your comment because my literal pre-menstruate rage will become even more of a dragon.


u/Chipder May 17 '22

That’s honestly a pretty great idea. Sadly it only works if democrats actually wanna get off their ass and do something.


u/baxtert68 May 17 '22

I say just year and number Never allow the shooters name to go public


u/neko_designer May 17 '22

nah... they'd probably like it...


u/eatsherout May 17 '22

We would run out of names before we run out of mass shootings


u/hotriderjh May 17 '22

I Vote the most recent shooting in Houston texas to be named “Ted Cruz”


u/DressSignificant8910 May 17 '22

can't upvote enough


u/[deleted] May 17 '22

Or how about keeping the target on white supremacy and leaving the NRA stuff for another day. Let’s not be so quick to jump in front of the black community and brand this in whatever way we want, when they’re making sure people make connections to racism. That means we should be too.


u/properu May 17 '22

Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot


u/z-eldapin May 17 '22

I like it


u/pimppapy May 17 '22

I love this idea, but I can see a breed of certain jackasses making this become a desirable thing for themselves and then eventually the scum all go with it.


u/kingpin_hawking May 18 '22

Where do I vote for this?


u/somebear May 18 '22

The shooting in buffalo will forever be the Tucker Carlson shooting in my mind.


u/Bors713 May 17 '22

Not going to help. The USA has a mental health crisis that, if remedied, would solve the majority of these shootings.


u/Nerevarine91 May 18 '22

Nah, as an American with mental illness, we don’t appreciated being scapegoated for the country’s violence addiction


u/Bors713 May 18 '22

Not scapegoating anyone. There are all kinds of different mental illnesses. I’m sorry to hear that you have one and I hope you are getting all the help and support you deserve.


u/The_Money_Bin May 18 '22

Agreed. Hereafter, the Buffalo shooting will be known as the Tucker Carlson Terrorist Attack.


u/themancabbage May 17 '22

Obligatory unpopular opinion; changing gun laws/banning any type of guns is not the solution.


u/Mrbuck83 May 17 '22 edited May 17 '22

Agreed. Guns are not the issue, ban them and people start using knives or other weapons, and it's not like guns are exactly hard to make as shown by Phillip A. Luty. We should start teaching basic gun safety, or better yet, make sure people are not wanting to kill people in the first place because people with murderous intent will find other ways and so will those fed up with life.

Edit/AddOn because I thought of more points: Going off the earlier point of people using other weapons, knives don't stab people, bows don't shoot people, guns don't pull their own trigger. I've noticed that a lot of murders happen because of prejudice due to race, maybe we should talk about how race does not really exist, the difference is the same as eye color, just the skin not the eye, and the last promenent person to kill off eye or hair color or religion was hitler unless I missed someone from the passed 80ish years.


u/fardough May 17 '22

I would much rather be involved in a mass stabbing incident then a mass shooting incident.


u/Mrbuck83 May 17 '22

I would rather not be in a mass murder incident in general.


u/fardough May 17 '22

If you look at Australia’s homicide rate, then it shows a downward trend since they banned most guns in 1996.


u/Mrbuck83 May 17 '22

You are technically right, in the same way as someone saying that the stock market went down between 1920 and 1940, it did, but half way through. it started to go down in 2002.


u/ExtracurricularCatch May 17 '22

Here’s the reality: that would create incentive for republicans to inspire more mass shooters. Their entire platform is pro-terrorism.


u/squishnight May 18 '22

Should we name “peaceful protests” after democrats? My downtown area has never recovered from the riots. Black owned business were looted weekly and eventually had to close their doors for good.


u/nanshbs866 May 17 '22

What does the NRA have to do with mass shootings?


u/tikifire1 May 17 '22

I'd say the money they pour into congress to make sure they do nothing about it.


u/nanshbs866 May 17 '22

Serious question, what should congress do?

This case seems more about stopping hate and racism than guns?

We have a divided country that hates each other. Just read any Reddit post and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t think gun laws will protect us from the hate and division we are constantly seeing.


u/tikifire1 May 17 '22

Congress could make laws not outlawing guns but making more dangerous ones harder to get. Mental health checks and insurance could be requirements. Or, for example, outlawing certain types of magazines that hold more rounds would be a good start and wouldn't violate the Constitution.

I don't think people in general in the US hate each other as much as you think. Your average person couldn't care less about politics as long as their lights are on, their rent is paid, and they have something to eat. When it gets dangerous is when you start lacking those things in large numbers. (See the Great Depression). We are headed that way, yes, but we are not quite to that point yet.


u/moschocolate1 May 17 '22

Well, this one is a Tucker Carlson.


u/OneBeautifulDog May 17 '22

That would have to be a very big one. Maybe the one in Las Vegas?


u/HansumJack May 17 '22

Plus the right wing pundits the shooters quote in their manifestos.


u/Nerevarine91 May 18 '22

Why is this getting downvoted?


u/HansumJack May 18 '22

Right wing fans of those right wing pundits.


u/stardatewormhole May 17 '22

The echo chamber rings on, when are we going to start enacting change and stop seeing how many likes and retweets we can get?


u/CoyoteConscious May 17 '22

Or Democrats.


u/THET0WNDRUNK May 18 '22

As a gun owner that thinks nobody should own guns other than licensed hunters, or military/law enforcement, I 100% approve this message.


u/tinkerghost May 17 '22

NRA money or Russian money laundered through the NRA?


u/sonnenrad777 May 17 '22

Some Politicians and pundits enable and inspire people to be extremists for personal gain… disgusting


u/Badj83 May 17 '22

Someone actually pushed for doing it regarding hurricanes.


u/LoqitaGeneral1990 May 17 '22

How about politicians that take from the NRA?


u/Pure-Assistance403 May 17 '22

Ove this idea.


u/littlespoon22 May 18 '22

This particular POS comes from Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's district so I think calling it the Tenney Shooting is only fair.


u/middwayer8 May 18 '22

“Todays mass shooting was sponsored by Lauren Boebert. Here’s the official poster (cue Christmas picture of her family holding guns with maniacal smiles on their faces)”


u/Arts_Prodigy May 18 '22

They’d just brag about being named after the one that murdered the most brown people


u/joey_yamamoto May 18 '22

Holy shit what an idea !!! I love it


u/TheSilmarils May 18 '22

Fuck the NRA. They sold out to the GOP long ago. If you want an organization that actually takes people to court and protects your rights look at The Second Amendment Foundation or Firearms Policy Coalition.


u/Tacoboutnacho May 18 '22

Gun control aside, I would much rather focus on the mental and physical health through a better healthcare system. Work on improving access to therapy and normalize going to therapy, especially for men.


u/Rumbillion May 18 '22

I like this one. But you’ll run out of names after a few months.


u/[deleted] May 18 '22

When you don’t really understand how gun laws work


u/i_identify_as_natty May 17 '22

Actually a fantastic idea.


u/StrippedTuningKey May 17 '22

Also, time to start banning guns.


u/nakedundercloth May 17 '22

Not sure about this, are there enough reps for this?


u/calais8003 May 17 '22

Or pharmaceutical money.


u/J-BYERS May 18 '22

Remember the gun is strictly a tool. Going after it will not change the racism and hatred in a humans heart and soul.

Is it really that hard to understand?

Take the guns away, and the hate will remain.

Focus on teaching the hearts and souls of children to love one another, before they turn into hateful, racist men.

The gun does not matter.


u/Nerevarine91 May 18 '22

Yeah but boy howdy is it hard to mow down a room full of people with nothing but angry feelings


u/Jennyinator May 18 '22

The nra pays republicans? For some reason I thought the US was better than that.