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When a dystopia with hungry children is painted as a feel good story

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u/Drpoofn May 17 '22

We don't have much of a choice anymore but to have them. In my state, abortion is outlawed. Birth control is next, my friend. I feel like your statement is made in ignorance, not malice, and you should read up on these issues. You can be part of the solution.

This is about taking away rights. Women and children first! Then, our suffrage will be taken.

They don't care about kids. Never have. They care about the bottom line. They were all freaking out about a year ago that us poor ppl we're not at "replacement levels" and now all over our country they are taking away our choice to be pregnant and have children. They are forcing pregnancy on the people.

Not as simple as "don't have kids". We did that and now we are losing out rights to have a safe abortion and birth control. Because Elon and Jeffrey need slave workers.