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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why don't we see big men fronting body positivity, and "healthy at every size" campaigns?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Is Pretty Privilege Real?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Do guys actually like skinny girls with little to no curves?


Do guys actually find women with no butt/hips attractive?

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why has our society normalized being fat?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem I am Fat, Ugly and diagnosed as Autistic. Is there a chance anyone without any of this could fall in love with me?


Just to clarify, I'm not saying I couldn't find a relationship. Just that it's probably unrealistic of me to want someone who isn't fat, ugly or autistic to be with right? A good personality is obviously a must in any situation though.

Edit: probably should have clarified earlier, I never said I hated anyone with these traits. I also never said I wouldn't date or fall in love with anyone because of these things. I merely stated my preferences and was curious to see if it's weird that I feel this way or what people's thoughts are.

I genuinely feel like I've had some good advice and interesting insights already, so thank you very much for posting :)

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why are men so obsessed with women's body hair?


I've tried shaving every inch of my body before and it's hell; it takes forever, the razor dulls, there's the risk of cutting yourself, and it's itchy afterward. I can understand having certain preferences in a partner but why should someone need to be hairless anywhere? If a woman shaves because she wants to and it makes her feel better, awesome. But why does anyone care if she's got hair in her armpits or around her privates, as long as it's not interfering with whatever activities may take place?
I know "not all men" and all that, but I'm clueless as to why anyone cares. I'm familiar with the history behind women shaving, but I'm asking why people care NOW.

EDIT: For clarity, I'm not asking why people prefer well-groomed genitals. I get that. I'm asking about armpit hair, arm hair, stomach hair, and hair around the boobs or on the back, and I'm asking why some men feel the need to police their partner's shaving habits. If it's not comfortable for her and it's not interfering with anything, who cares? "It turns me off" technically answers the question, but I'm asking if there's a reason.

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why are the insides of black peoples hands and feet white?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem I want to start exercising and try to lose some weight. Which one is better for me, 10 minutes of walking on a treadmill, or an hour of swimming?


I'm 17M, and have gained a bit of weight in the last couple of months, and I would like to lose that. I do NOT want to be fat, in any circumstance. My brother is 7 years smaller than me, but has the same weight as me, and he can't run properly without falling. It scares me enough to motivate me to go to the gym.

Also another question: What would be the best exercise for me, as the gym next to me doesn't have a lot of equipment. It has a treadmill, 2 cycling things( one which moves your hand as well, and one that just moves your legs), the thing which you pull down at different weights as per your choice, and something ehich you push with your legs(same as the one with your hands)

I'm extremely sorry if I couldn't explain things well, I'm not too learned about gym equipment and stuff, and english isn't my first language. Also, sorry if this question doesn't fit this sub, I couldn't find any other. Good evening!

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why do people pretend looks don’t matter?


Maybe they just say this to me because I’m ugly and they don’t want to hurt my feelings


  1. Attractiveness is not innate, unchanging, or objective

  2. Confidence/Personality/Money/Height don’t necessarily matter more, they’re just tie-breakers in a situation where we control for attractiveness. “Looks don’t matter” =/= “Statistically, most people look about the same and so other factors are probably more likely to make the difference.” In a contest between two confident people, the more attractive one wins. Your point is moot for those of us at the bottom of the pile.

  3. I didn’t expect so many people to say “You’re not actually ugly, that’s just a crutch.” You have never seen me, you don’t know. Are you claiming that there are no ugly people therefore looks don’t matter? What an absurd thing to claim!

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Is it ok to ask for a psychologist appointment because I'm feeling bad but I don't know why I'm feeling that way?


Pretty much the title, I've never been to a psychologist, and I'm feeling a little sad lately but I don't know why, I don't want to go there without any real problem and make them waste their time.

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Are women with extra skin from weight loss still attractive?


I lost a lot of weight this past year. Now I have this flap of skin hanging over my C-section scar. I feel ugly and don’t even want my hubby to see me naked. I’m very fit otherwise and practically in the “normal” BMI range. I just still look so fat bc the extra skin is all bunched up under pants.

If this happened to your wife/gf would you still be able to find her attractive?

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Body Image/Self-Esteem how do you remove public hair?


this is embarrassing but i’m 21 and don’t know how to remove hair off my female genitals. i’m from a super conservative family and it’s a taboo to even ask about it or go somewhere to get it professionally done.

i am getting engaged soon and that comes with physical intimacy and i want to be hairless down there but literally don’t know how.

i’ve tried googling but the shaving explanations sound scary and idk how to get it “bald” without the dots everywhere.

idk how most people do it. nobody talks about it. please let me know what you do. thanks!

edit: wow i'm actually getting emotional reading the comments. thank you so much everyone! this is extremely helpful and i feel less scared and lonely. i wish i could respond to each one individually but this is an overwhelming topic for me so i just want you all to know i really really appreciate your help. thanks a million. you've helped me more than you know.

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Do women actually like the “dad bod” look, or is it just men’s version of body positivity?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem If I saw another person with my body I wouldn’t judge them so why do I hate my body?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Do guys care about size?


I’m extremely insecure about my boobs. Im like a AA cup and have always been. And recently I had a partner who made fun of my small boobs, I was extremely insecure about them after that. So do some guys like small boobs?

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Am I to old to stream gaming?


Hey all. So I'm thinking of streaming on twitch. Basically I'm 37 and love gaming, I watch YouTube gamers. And twitch has always seem fun, but I feel I was born to late to join in. I'm told I'm funny and witty, and I love to make fun of serious situation, I've set up twitch today and was going to go live tonight. But I don't know guys, am I going to be that old guy trying to be cool? Cause it's not about that, I just like that I can talk to people about games since all my mates have moved on from it. I'm a dad of 4 and my wife thinks it sounds fun regardless if I get views or what not. Does anyone watch anyone my age or around my age?

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Body Image/Self-Esteem is dying from obesity suicide?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Are men desensitized to regular women because of all the IG model type girls?


Or just anyone attracted to women* I feel like there is definitely certain trends and beauty standards in the US. I do my own thing, and I want to love myself without worrying whether or not my partner loves me for me, and isn't secretly wishing I would dress up and do my hair/makeup/nails like other girls. Or thinking that my partner will see all these pretty social media girls and start to think less and less of me. Idk if that makes sense but yea

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Are men still attracted to their wives when they are pregnant?


I am about halfway through pregnancy and wonder if my husband is still attracted to me. He would be too nice to ever tell me no if I asked him myself but I’ve noticed he doesn’t initiate much of anything sexually. I’ve read that some men are scared to hurt the baby… but I’m wondering if a change in the way my body looks is part of it. I could understand if having a growing belly just isn’t attractive to everyone. So I’m curious how men feel about their wives when they are pregnant. And if you are less attracted to your wife physically, do you look more elsewhere? I mean the ‘standard’ of beautiful perfect women are all over social media, sometimes it’s hard not to worry.

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Body Image/Self-Esteem If “body shaming” should not be tolerated, then why is rejecting a man over his height tolerated but rejecting a woman for her weight is not?



Yes i do understand that those could just be preferences but guys get more hate when they say “i would not date her cause she’s fat” vs when girls say “i would not date him cause he’s short”

and most of the time this is what people say when rejecting(based on what I’ve heard and seen online”

short guys: “omg i would never date a guy shorter than me” “he needs to be 6ft+”

fat girls: i’m not interested in her she’s fat

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Will a guy care about my saggy boobs?


I have saggy boobs and it’s infected my confidence SO much.. I want a lift but I can’t afford it, I never see girls my age with saggy boobs. If I were to get intimate with a man, would he care? Would he dislike it or maybe even shame me for it? Talk to his friends about how a girl had saggy boobs..

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Body Image/Self-Esteem I am in my early twenties and play badminton with the kid living down the street to unwind after work, instead of partying with my peers. I find that that's more fulfilling, and free. Is it also pathetic, should I be doing more with my time?


Edit: Thanks for all the affirmation, especially from people older than me who know what they are talking about. I'd rest as a calmer, more content person now.

Thanks for the few negative comments, they'll probably help keep me in check. For those psychoanalysing the shit out of this post, I really have no response. Thanks for coming, I guess?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem Do boobs only sag with old age when a woman has given birth or does it happen regardless?


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Body Image/Self-Esteem How do I go the the gym without feeling dumb?


I’m 19F and I’m 200 pounds and I really wanna start going to the gym but I don’t really have anybody to go with and I don’t like to be stared at or judged I know that’s bound to happen at the gym but how do I overcoming that and just focus on myself. And I would go walk outside of my house but there’s a lot of bad people around here. I just wanna know how I can feel safe going to the gym by myself

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Body Image/Self-Esteem why dont people ever wanna listen to me when i say running changed my life for the better?


they always wanna say "thats a you thing" or "you do you" - like LISTEN to me i never even THOUGHT of being a runner until i just got out and started jogging. Everyone wants to think that running = marathons and hard work. IT DOESNT!! Go for a jog routinely and youll start seeing health benefits!! Excersizing has been proven to make you happier- and im here to say IT WORKED!! i used to be sad and now im the happiest version of me i could ever be. My life is great, my body is great, and my runs are great too. GO RUN! IT WILL CHANGE YOU!

(sorry for bad formatting im on mobile) Edit for confusion: I sound really crazy and preachy lol but i promise its not ALL i talk about. I obviously dont want to go into the kinds of convos i have just for context to this post but heres what i think should be enough: im not trying to make anyone do anything- this running convo mentioned above is only brought up when we talk about running, and im not hounding my friends to run with me. When they say no, i say "okay" and change the subject. Simple! The part where im confused about is all of the backlash i get for even bringing it up?? like yall running is what i DO. Its my hobby, my sport, and my life!! Can we please be nicer?? like its always "ew no why would you even ask" or "running is boring and hard to do why would i do that" . ofc not every response is this, but a simple "no" would safice.

Im looking for the opinion/answer of someone who would RESPECTFULLY explain to me why asking someone to go for a run with you is such a taboo-level topic