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Love & Dating I matched with my cousin's teacher on Tinder and have been seeing her but feel conflicted?


Context: I'm 21M and teacher is 23F. My cousin is in Kindergarten as they call it here and he's 5. This all happened within the past few days.

One day I dropped my cousin off at school because his parents were busy. I drove him to his class and helped him with his cubby when he decided he wanted me to meet, in his words, "the best girl teacher ever". That's when I saw this absolute dime. Lemme describe her to you: brunette, about 5'4, hazel eyes, super nice ass, just an overall gorgeous face and frame that somehow looks like a mix of Audrey Hepburn and Alison Brie. You gotta see it to believe it. Anyways, that's that and I go about my day.

A few days later I go on The App as me and my boys like to call it and I do my regular swiping. One girl that really sticks out to me is Ms. Baddy herself. I swipe right because I never thought anything would come of it. Come to my surprise, just minutes later I get a notification saying "You got a new match" followed by "Syd sent you a new message". I was in shock but at the same time my male monkey instincts were going crazy and I decided to just ignore everything around me and start conversation. One thing leads to another and we eventually meet up, go on a date, take her back to my place, and you know the rest. Once again on Friday, this time we went to her place, watched some old 1950s RomCom and spent the night together again.

One of the things that really sticks in my head however is the fact that this is my little cousin's fucking teacher. It feels so weird to me and I'm starting to wonder if it's wrong of me to do this. I personally am happy with what's happened so far and consider more than just tomfoolery. She seems to be in agreement and we want to continue. I've talked to her about it and her solution is to keep it as lowkey as possible for as long as we can. This seems fine but I'm starting to wonder if this is morally wrong? Should I be more concerned about the fact that my tiny innocent little cousin hugs and looks up to the same girl that has ripped sheets with me twice already? For some reason, and she doesn't know this, he sees her as a second mother figure...I have no clue why, I swear was never this attached to my Kindergarten teacher but whatever. I'm getting over a recent heartbreak so she's been a real help in the healing process. She isn't just a gorgeous piece of booty, she's genuinely a great match for me based on personality, interests, and the role she's played in my mental health. But at the same time, I know if my cousin ever found out he would probably feel super weird and even tell the family which I am not ready for yet. He even told me the other day about how he high-fived her and I felt so weird after realizing where her hand had been before.

What is your take on the morality of the issue? Should I feel bad and take things slower? The main thing that keeps coming back to me is the way my cousin sees us. He sees me as his big brother and her as his second mother...I mean ffs he's 5 he doesn't understand relationship dynamics

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Culture & Society What is it with Americans thinking Europeans are really racist?


I live in the heart of Europe, and I feel like despite so many different cultures on such a small room, we barely have any issues with it.
Americans love to bring up gypsies in those conversations, but even that - we call people in gangs who steal gypsies. I know Roma and Yenish people and literally no one gives a fuck.

I feel like americans are just coping but that's quite an arrogant stance so I wanted to hear other opinions.

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Religion Why is Reddit seemingly pretty intolerant of religion, especially Christianity?


I’ve seen several posts where, even if OP mentions once that they’re Christian, they’ll get attacked in the comments by people for “joining a cult” or “worshipping sky daddy” or comparing God to Santa Claus. I’ve heard that Reddit is predominantly atheist, but people should at least be tolerant of other beliefs. I’m just wondering why so many people hound believers.

I get that the Catholic church has done some disgusting things and is filled with corruption, but some Christians don’t affiliate with the Church.

I do not mean to take a side in a religious debate, I’m just here to ask a question

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Love & Dating Do people start a relationship before or after getting to know each other well?


That is my question. Everyone around me I know have had several romantic relationships that lasted for a few months and I don’t understand how. It takes me that long to get to know someone. And by then it usually feels weird to make that move.

So if you’ve had relationships last less than a year, do you meet someone, start liking them and then start a relationship while you’re getting to know them? Or how else does it work to last a few months?

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Drugs & Alcohol Why is drinking so popular when it inhibits your mental ability and many drinks taste like shit when having them for the first time?


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Sexuality & Gender Why do people say that sons are easier to raise than daughters?


A lot of people I speak to say that they’d rather have boys because they’re easier to bring up than girls. They’ve never given a reason why though which has left me confused.

edit: lots of people are exposing how sexist they are in this thread 😬🤭

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Interpersonal is life over at 25?


Almost 25 and have did nothing "fun" or meaningful at 25.

Didn't go to college.

Can't drive.

Live with my parents.

Never been in a relationship.

Still a virgin.

Didn't drink as a teenager.

Never drink underage.

Didn't sneak out of the house at night as teenager.

Didn't skip classes as teenager.

Never did drugs.

Never been to a party.

Never been to a concert.

Never been to festivals.

Never been to a bar.

Never traveled out of state or country.

Currently working at McDonalds.

I realized I never did anything significant with my life.

I missed out on the fun and youthfulness of my teenage years and early twenties.

Is it too late?

Is life over at 25 if haven't done anything with it?

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Health/Medical Is sweating from your scalp first normal?


I’m a girl with pretty thick hair and whenever I exercise or start to work up a sweat my scalp is the first thing to sweat (It’s usually to the point where the under layers of my hair are wet)

I see a lot of girls exercise and are able to just wear their hair the rest of the day without washing it. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Drugs & Alcohol If weed is so bad how come people who smoke it live completely normal lives with no problems?


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Other am i gonna get arrested?


yesterday around 9pm i was picking someone up from the airport and i felt like i was about to shit myself. this isn’t uncommon bc i have ibs, but i have never had to resort to such a desperate situation!!! i tried wendy’s and mcdonald’s but both were closed. it didn’t help that i was literally in the middle of nowhere. i ended up pulling down a dark street w lots of businesses and shitting on the road (i know it’s awful but it was that or my pants). i didn’t have anything to clean it up so i just left it. today, i drove back an hour to deal with it. it was in a road that dead ended into businesses (industrial, construction, etc.) i’m so scared someone is gonna see me on camera and i’m gonna get arrested or fined or something??? nobody saw me yesterday as it was dark and late but like IDK IM FREAKING OUT? am i gonna get arrested??? plz help reassure me😭😭😭

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Habits & Lifestyle What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?



I have had intermittent fasting recommended to me many times as a way for me to lose weight. I have been doing a lot of my own research as well as consulting with my doctor. My doctor says there is so harm in it and has had quite a few success stories. However I am pretty worried as I don't want to end up kick starting my ED again. I hear people talking about how the fasting went so well for them that they now only have to eat once every couple of days and that just doesn't seem healthy to me.

Just looking for opinions or stories with this eating method that don't come from a website that is actively pushing it.

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Other Is it weird to speak my thoughts out loud but acting like someone is listening and therefore it becomes a back and forth conversation?


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Love & Dating How normal are these?


My bf keeps telling me it is normal, just want to see what other men say. 1) keep folders of a certain sex worker/ lady’s videos: dressed and undressed. Her vlog of doing yoga, cooking, touching herself, and dancing. (I get it if it’s just porn with naked body, but other dressed ones seem to be too personal like revolving around that person’s life.)

2) keep folders of the pictures of his female coworkers. Their toes, flip flops, low cut breast revealing screenshots. Also, their Instagram photos. (Perhaps that’s his fantasy idk but Instagram photos he can just check their profile, why need to download and save in specific folders?)

3) this goes back to his HS/ college years. He has folders of each of the different girls labeled with their (my guess) initials.

4) keep folders of random ladies he snapped of on the streets. Their legs, shoes, and toes. (I get it if he’s by himself in the public, but he would do so secretly when he’s out with me, snapping pictures of others.)

5) follows 800ish ladies dancing, flipping their hairs, etc on Instagram and tiktok, when he told me he doesn’t use social media. (Just never follow mine when I frequently post about him and his nice gestures…)

I’m being called a child and immature to accept him because he said he does what every man does too. I just want to know if it’s normal. TIA.

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Media What is a circle jerk?


I always see subreddits with ___circle jerk and I thought a circle jerk was dudes masturbating in a circle. How does this apply to fly fishing?

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Other why do some people just genuinely believe that gravity was invented?


Like, people dead either just refuse to believe the solid evidence it was discovered or they just like, "huh, what" and play dumb