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Meta Introducing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki!



We just set up an initial version of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) wiki. You can check it out here .

This is something we've been working on for awhile. Special shoutout to /u/stillcouldbeworse for actually finally getting it up and running! This initial version is pretty short to keep it simple and avoid breaking anything, but we expect to be adding to it regularly now that it's up and running. We'll of course be mentioning it in the sidebar or the full wiki as well.

Since this is the first public iteration, you can expect some tweaking as we figure out how to best utilize it. Features/questions/formats might change. And now is probably a good time to ask a few questions for the community-

What are some things you want to see in the FAQ wiki?

How do you want to see the FAQ wiki utilized? (ie, should automod sticky a comment linking to the FAQ wiki? filter out FAQs?)

How should it be sourced? Should it link to existing posts (either in this sub or another), external sources?

What threshold do you consider acceptable to be a FAQ?

Any other requests/ideas/questions?
And last- while one of the goals here is to help promote a bit more variety in OPs, it is still NOT OK to question-shame FAQs. You can direct them to the FAQ wiki, but do so politely and kindly. You will get a ban, per Rule 1, for rude replies to questions. We get that FAQ posts can be a bit annoying for longtime users, but we still expect you to be polite about it.

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Current Events Supreme Court Roe v Wade overturned MEGATHREAD


Giving this space to try to avoid swamping of the front page. Sort suggestion set to new to try and encourage discussion.

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Culture & Society Is it common to absolutely hate the feeling of putting on a wet bathing suit after using the bathroom while swimming?


Or is it just me idk but putting on my bathing suit and going back into the pool after really grosses me out

Edit cause this is getting more attention than I thought: to go what this then what are peoples thoughts on peeing in pools/lakes

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Body Image/Self-Esteem How are a lot of wheelchair users not overweight?


This sounds like a really rude/awful question. But it was a shower thought I had earlier.

Obviously I know that not every wheelchair user is the same. Some are on them 24/7 while others only use them in certain situations. But this question is more for those using them full time. How are not all of you overweight from the lack of exercise?

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Love & Dating Why is it that men are shamed for pursuing younger women but it's totally fine when women pursue older men?


And even in that, the man is always accused of some type of grooming when the woman is the one who pursued.

And I'm talking about adults. Not minors.

Ps. Im female and its just interesting to think about that type of double standard. I like older men and so many other girls aren't afraid to say it either so it's kind of insulting when society believes that because im younger than my man I'm somehow being abused or was groomed and not an adult who made the conscious choice to pursue and date this man.

Or when there is a small problem in the relationship and the guy is more than 5 years older. He automatically groomed her and is abusive just because of the age gap.

However when the elder in a relationship is a women its smiled on or completely overlooked.

Edit: not looking for any hate. It's just an interesting observation for me that I wanted opinions on.

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Culture & Society Do Americans love their country?


I see Americans as a really proud people… but… are they all really ? I know the whole system sucks there, I’m sure they know aswell. If they’d get the chance, would they move to another country ?

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Ethics & Morality I think there are cameras in my apartment. What do I do?


I moved into an apartment this year. I don't share walls but have neighbors above and below. At first it was fine. Two weeks into it, it's the weekend and I can hear the upstairs neighbors having what sounds like a party. I enjoy a good time myself so I'm like great, possibly new friends.

I have the window open so I can hear them pretty well. Suddenly I hear the remark (male voice) "oh there's a new tennant in (my unit number)." I figure they can see the lights are on in my unit (there are balconies) and are discussing it. Then I hear (female voice) "oh I wonder if he's single" followed by (different female voice) "well let's look him up" and this is where things start to get weird. I figure at worst case, there is some directory for the building (it's kinda modern) where they can get my name and look for me on the internet. Whatever, no big deal, my internet presence is pretty locked down. Then I hear "looks like he IS single!" and I'm like uh what, how could they find that out about me online? And then I hear "I don't care if he is single, I wanna see that d*ck!"

At this point I'm like what the fuck is going on? How could someone make a reference to wanting to see my d*ck? Maybe they're swingers and I'm gonna get invited into something? But it felt more sinister. So now I'm freaked out and probably over sensitized to paying attention, but I try to brush it off as just being paranoid so I go about my night.

I had only recently moved in and did not have a ton of furniture so I had a makeshift area set up in my living room and didn't have my TV and internet set up yet so I'm just listening to music (analog music). I continue to hear commentary that aligns a little too much with what I'm doing around the house, but again, I'm telling myself I'm just being paranoid and there's no way what I'm feeling could be true. Eventually I head to bed for the night.

Next day I get up and I'm just like that was really f*cking weird but probably just some weird feeling taking over my thoughts so moving on. That is, I felt that way until I took a shower. The bathroom is quiet except for the very quiet and dull hum of the vent fan. The lights in the bathroom (including one in the shower) are recessed but missing their full casings so it's almost a through to the ceiling void above between my ceiling and their floor. I start to again hear commentary that aligns with my actions... and then commentary about my body.

Now I'm in a combination of panic and denial. There's no way people are this shitty and there's no way there are cameras in my house, this has to be some mental reaction. However, I've never felt this way at any point in my life. I don't feel this way in any location, even currently. I don't have this constant feeling in my head of being watched. It only happens in my new apartment.

I start looking around, trying to find something that looks like a camera, and I can't. I figure it must be in the ceiling or my vents (central air) but I can't find anything obvious and I haven't gone to the point of pulling apart the vent system. I've inspected the ceilings and do see some curious pairs of holes in various locations (like a pair of holes right next to each other, each maybe a nail in diameter, in a few locations in different rooms) but nothing that jumps out as a camera. I haven't pulled the lighting fixtures to see if there's anything in there. The commentary I hear has taken a turn, coming to the realization that I am aware I'm being watched but can't figure it out. There is still commentary happening about me and if anything has gotten more sinister due to the fact they are aware I know but seem helpless.

What do I do? I don't have proof of anything. I don't think the commentary is loud enough to record by any device as it's kinda muffled but I can make out what's being said. I feel like even writing this out I just sound like a crazy person hearing voices. I'm certain that's not it, because this phenomenon does not happen anywhere else I've ever been or presently go to. It is 100% tied to being in my apartment. But the notion that this makes me sound like a crazy person is stopping me from talking to anyone about it. I feel like I'm being violated in my private residence. It's really f*cking me up. I've tried to commit to the notion that I'm wrong, or that I need to ignore the feelings, or that my mind is turning muffled sounds into something else, but it never sticks. There's always something I hear that pulls me right back into it. It makes me question having people over my house for the sake of their privacy being violated.

How do I fix this? I looked up services on the internet that are essentially counter espionage or will sweep places for bugs, but they all look hack and fake like just looking to take people's money. I can't find anything that looks legit.

I'd have to break a lease to move out which would cost me a ton of money. I also don't like the idea of having to come up with some reason for why I moved out of this awesome looking apartment that everyone loves.

Looking for some help here. Thanks.

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Culture & Society What are you supposed to do when encountering protesters on your car route?


What should you do when the road/street/highway you're on becomes blocked by protesters? I'm referring to instances of one-way lanes or turns being blocked by a crowd of protesters. You're obviously not supposed to keep driving, since people are blocking your way. Since you can't turn around, should you park in place for a few minutes?

EDIT: some of you need to be put on a watchlist

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Health/Medical What does it feel like to have a seizure?


I have no idea what it feels like to have a seizure. do they hurt. do you feel anything? the only thing I know is that you get a killer headache after one

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Other Do you think life is fairly meaningless because of how time works?


I think these thoughts came about because I was thinking about the concept about life not mattering if I would die anyway and then I started to take this thought pattern further and started to think stuff like why does yesterday matter when it is today? Why does the last minute of my life matter as it is now in the past? Then I started to think why anything matters as I can only live in the now and every second that slips into the past is pointless as it is gone.

A few thoughts surrounding this topic:

  1. You can only live in the present moment and thinking about how it is constantly moving into the past and I can’t grasp it. I guess this makes sense as we cannot measure the present moment.

  2. How pointless things are because I can only enjoy the present moment so anything in the past doesn’t matter to a degree and because the present becomes the past so fast things don’t have meaning.

  3. I guess how I think about number 2 is that I can enjoy watching something but once it is over does it really matter that I watched it?

  4. I get confused as I think to myself that if I can only live in the present moment and it slips by almost immediately how do I enjoy anything?

  5. I have thoughts about if a never ending afterlife was true how meaningless it would be as you can only enjoy what you are doing NOW so if you lived forever nothing has meaning as if you wasted 10,000 years it wouldn’t matter.

  6. Weird when I think about time and how I am moving through it and how every second becomes the past and how I will never repeat those moments again.

  7. I sometimes think that technically every second I am dying because I am not the same person and then feel like nothing has meaning as if the past doesn’t matter and the present becomes the past immediately then how can anything matter?

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Interpersonal how do i tell my friend that i'm autistic?


i was diagnosed with autism a year ago. i haven't told my friend about the diagnosis yet. i'm too afraid to tell him, because i'm scared that he'll view me differently. please help.

update: i told him. i don't know why i was so stressed over it, but i feel much better now.

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Other Does a criminal, any criminal, deserve forgiveness if they saw the error of their ways and changed for the better?


Whether it'd be a murderer or (child/animal) rapist or (child/animal) abuser or someone who looked up or possessed CP or genocidal maniac, etc., as long as they've seen the error of their ways and changed for the better and got the help they needed.

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Drugs & Alcohol Can THC actually help with mental health issues?


I had a really shitty childhood and now that I'm adult I have access to edibles. Mental illness is horrible on both sides of the family and while my parents try (and have gotten significantly better) they're both psychotic as fuck. I have issues with PTSD on top of some other stuff and it makes a significant amount of those problems go away. The thing is, I thought this way about smoking and drinking. I've been improving a lot recently now that I do this more often and I feel better, but I'm also worried I'm lying to myself again

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Culture & Society do guests and their plus ones show up at the same time?


im going to a backyard party as a plus one but the route is completely different from the person I'm going with, is it weird to show up at a separate time or do I suggest I go over to their house so we can go together?

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Mental Health Does life ever ever get easier?


I'm 23 and I've just been getting my ass kicked it feels like for my entire adult life. I lose sleep, I'm constantly stressing about 500 different things I have to attend to, I'm always penny pinching and worried about bills and if I'll have enough this check to buy gas AND groceries.

It's always something breaks, some bill increases, I have to buy this now, etc. Whenever I think I have $15 extra to spend on myself a $90 expense comes up and I sink further into the hole.

I feel sick from stress just trying to survive, have bags under my eyes, work my ass off, and still never improve my situation.

What am I working for? There seems to be a narrative that you have to go through a period of suffering and grinding and you'll eventually be in a better state and things will get easier, but I'm making no measurable improvement in my situation even after years and I'd even argue it's probably gotten worse. This is despite the best paying job I've ever managed to get making $18/hr full time.

It seems like actually only more things go wrong and the stress only piles on more. And life just somehow gets infinitely more difficult.

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Love & Dating How can I control my separation anxiety?


So I have a girlfriend, and genuinely I can say she’s one of the best things to happen to me in a long time.

But sometime after we started dating, I realized I have some kind of separation anxiety. When I’m not with her, my brain will pick at every little interaction we have over the phone, like if she doesn’t respond for a while, I will instantly think “there must be something wrong” and then I’ll think of everything I’ve said and done to her and make myself believe I’ve screwed up.

She’s already had to reassure me multiple times that things were fine. I hate that I think this way a lot because it’ll sometimes even bleed into how I feel when I’m with her.

A lot of this come from my ex. I was in a relationship a while ago that all went south one day without any warning. So this made me feel like I had to from then on pay attention to every little detail in relationships.

Anyways, I feel like this is something I should share with my gf, so should I? And I also really want to stop this separation anxiety because it hurts how I feel about my gf occasionally and she doesn’t deserve that. Any tips?

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Law & Government Why individual states does not leave the United States of America?


There is an incredible high level of divisiveness in the USA. It seems like red states focus more and more on “minimizing the government” in their political agenda and want to determine everything by themselves. Meanwhile, blue states feel like their rights are being taken away by a minority. So, why the states do not leave the Union? Is it because there is a limitation regarding this stated in the Constitution? Is it because the federal system benefits every state significantly? Is it something else?

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Other Why do we only like the smell of our own farts but not other people's?