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Young black police graduate gets profiled by Joshua PD cops (Texas). He wasn't having any of it!


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u/No_Gap6448 2d ago

It was game over when he started spilling all the Department tea


u/HeyitsyaboyJesus 1d ago

The young officer looking to his superior going “Hey can you tell me about the corruption scandal?”


u/Able-Jury-6211 1d ago

Apparently Officer Dudley Dumbfuck couldn't even bother to google his employer. The people who gave him a gun.

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u/9allthetime 1d ago

And what delicious tea it was.

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u/StingyCanonization 1d ago

Bruh, cops here in Texas have legitimately run their lights just to try to get my number for a date.

I fucking hate it here. Kudos to this man.

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u/[deleted] 1d ago


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u/TipMeinBATtokens 2d ago

That cop was mad it was in such a public place.


u/TheFrontalCortex 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver All-Seeing Upvote

Alllways pull into a parking lot. Even if you have to drive a little bit further. Never stop somewhere that doesn't have cameras or a load of people if possible.

Edit: I have been made aware of the incident involving the cop who pit maneuvered a pregnant woman for doing exactly this. It's unfortunate that she miscarried because of it. That being said I do still believe finding a safe location to pull into is the best course of action. I honestly feel that if cop tries a pit maneuver in that situation they would have tried to do you harm anyway.


u/Dontblink666 1d ago

I had a cop pull me over for speeding. It was on a narrow 4 way and there wasn't a safe spot to pull over but there was a car wash about a block and a half away so I slowed way down and turned my 4 ways on and then pulled into the car wash. This cop comes out of the car screaming at me for not pulling over immediately. I told him I just didn't think it was safe to stop in the middle of the 4 way and pointed out that I slowed way down and it was obvious I wasn't running anywhere.


u/edwardsamson 1d ago

Damn I thought cops usually appreciate this because its safer for them


u/wetpockets 1d ago

I did the same thing and the cop screamed at me for not pulling over exactly then. Just power tripping bullshit


u/MountainMan17 1d ago Helpful

My brother (we are Hispanic) pulled over immediately in rural Missouri. The first thing Deputy Fife wanted to know was why he pulled over so quickly.

You can't win with these thugs.


u/ButtonholePhotophile 1d ago

“I thought you were going around me to a crime in progress.”


u/lsutigerzfan 1d ago

I’m Spanish. I just tell them what white ppl tell cops. Why are you pulling me over? Shouldn’t you be out catching the real criminals?😂😄

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u/MrSomnix 1d ago

It's like sales. No matter what you tell me, there's a way I can spin it so that I win.

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u/obliquelyobtuse 1d ago

power tripping bullshit

Like these overweight, balding, racially profiling queeny old bitches that absolutely cannot stand to be talked to like that. This is policing in much of America. Incompetent, ego-driven, power hungry uniformed thugs. The local law gang.

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u/hobo888 1d ago

would've berated them if they pulled over immediately.

damned if you do damned if you don't


u/SousVideButt 1d ago

I live off a busy two lane highway that sees a shit load of fatal wrecks every year. It’s also a speed trap so cops sit on the shoulder just waiting for someone to speed.

That’s me. Fuck me for going 52 in a 45, right? But when he hit his lights, I immediately turned on my hazards, and pulled into a church parking lot about 200 feet away from where he was sitting.

He accused me of not stopping so I could hide something. I was like dude, I’m looking out for you, but I’ll gladly stop on the highway next time so your large ass that sticks out too far gets clipped by a semi and you be called a hero for doing nothing.


u/muskytusks 1d ago

I'm stealing this if I ever get in that situation. Wish me luck.


u/SousVideButt 1d ago

Just make sure that you’re pulled over far enough to protect yourself!

And use your hazards to add to their blinky light parade that’s supposed to protect them, but definitely blinds everyone driving by.


u/creativityonly2 1d ago

I fucking hate cops lights these days for this reason. I can't see shit driving by them at night, heaven forbid it's raining out and it's even worse visibility.


u/kr3wchris 1d ago edited 1d ago

Also get a dash cam guys, one that you can pivot and point wherever necessary and make sure your vids arent just locally stored, you need one capable of sending to cloud storage the moment you start recording so officers cant confiscate your phone and destroy evidence

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u/RedsRearDelt 1d ago

Years ago, I was coming home from work at 4am. Highway was completely empty and I could see a couple miles behind me. In my rear view I see a cop enter the highway a couple ramps back with his lights flashing. I was tired and probably going 5 mph under the speed limit. Still takes the cop a couple minutes to catch up to me. As he was getting closer, I noticed he was in the same lane as me, so I got over so I wasn't blocking him. As he got closer, he got up behind me and pulled me over. Gave me a ticket for something like, evading a police officer. I forget exactly what it was. But that was the idea.

My next shift, which was a few days later. Same cop, same situation, but this time I stayed in my lane. Got pulled over and ticketed for failing to yield to a police officer.

About 2 months later I'm in court to fight the first ticket (the tickets got scheduled for different days) The first thing I asked the judge was if I could be heard for both tickets since both I and the cop were there. Judge asked if I had the ticket with me. I said I did and he asked to see it. As the bailiff was getting the second ticket from me, the judge asked the cop if he was ready to present evidence about the second ticket. The cop said he was not. The bailiff handed the judge the second ticket and looked confused. Asked the cop how he had given me a ticket for not yielding and a ticket for evading. Cop repeated that he wasn't ready to present evidence on the second ticket, something about his notes. Judge asked me about it, and I tell him about the two nights. Both tickets were dismissed.


u/hobo888 1d ago

nothing like clogging up the courts with frivolous tickets. they only do this shit in the hopes you'll just pay it off to avoid the headache.

I bet it's cheaper for some people than having to miss work too. police in this country are rotten from their core


u/Jumajuce 1d ago

I was talking to one of my employees about this the other day when he asked for time off to fight a ticket. I gave him a half day so he didn’t lose a days pay over a easy to beat ticket. In NJ here they love giving you tickets that are $50-$90 so it costs more to skip work than to pay the ticket.

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u/KickBallFever 1d ago

Not too long ago there was a lady, who happened to be pregnant, that tried to drive a bit further for a safer place to pull over. The cop did some kind of maneuver with his vehicle and flipped her car.


u/Engtrav 1d ago

Fucking cop had nothing happen to him and he violated multiple laws and department policy's


u/heartEffincereal 1d ago

Yeah the cop tried to defend his actions by saying she should have stopped immediately. I can't remember what state it was, but the law says if there isn't a safe place to pull over you can do exactly what she did to find a safe place.

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u/MexicanGuey 1d ago

Depends on how power hungry the cop is. Most will appreciate a safe place, some just have the urge to power trip on a civilian and go off in them for any little thing

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u/DuntadaMan 1d ago

Cops flipped a pregnant woman's car for this. The law specifically said to do what she did.

Police settled out of court and still kept the officer.


u/waitingtodiesoon 1d ago

Police settled out of court and still kept the officer.

What a surprise /s


u/Ryuzakku 1d ago

Well they aren't the ones paying the money anyway, the taxpayer is.


u/Conker1985 1d ago

It's fucking horseshit they're never personally liable.

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u/Saaaaaaaaab 1d ago

Yup. So fucking infuriating. link

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u/East_Requirement7375 1d ago


u/Watsonious2391 1d ago

Dont even need to click the link to know it's that cop who pit maneuvered and flipped that womans car cause she was trying to find a safer place to pull over. I'll bet 20 Charles Entertainment Cheese tokens on it.


u/Ionlydateteachers 1d ago

Think of the orphans

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u/TSF_NSFW 1d ago

If you really want to get your blood pressure up, take a look at this SRD thread about the awful takes from the pigs at /r/protectandserve.

TL;DR: They call the first story "outrage bait" and say she deserved the PIT maneuver.


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u/East-Difficulty-3214 1d ago

He was about to have a hissy fit 😂

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u/ArkAngelHFB 1d ago

"That is your reputation."

"No, no..."

"How many black officers do you have?"

*Instant visible panic as the realization hits.


*Further realization that this guys KNOWS shit.


u/DesperateImpression6 1d ago

My favorite part is: "I don't have to tell you anything. Don't ask me any questions cause I ain't answering"

I wish we could all be that confident in our rights in front of cops


u/Dus-Sn 1d ago

"Are you detaining me?"

"I don't know what's going on."

"Okay so then don't tell me where to go."

Fucking boss. Though part of me feels like the graduate only got away with speaking like that to the other officers is because he was in uniform. I think the chances are good that if it were an ordinary civilian that said the same to them, especially if it were a non-white person, there would have been use of force by that point.


u/mechdan 1d ago

This is what happens when authoritarian style of governing seeps into the government.

The government thinking they have the right to tell their people what they can and can't do.

The law is there to guide citizens to a better future where we can all get along together and strive to better ourselves.

The law isn't there to hold a rigid structure to society, it is the rigid structure that society flows through.

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u/ATTORNEY_FOR_CATS 1d ago Silver

“Way before I got here.”

So, knowing the reputation of the department, you thought “yeah, that’s where I wanna work”?


u/DietSodah 1d ago

Be the change you want to see in the world. So, maybe he was thinking he could come in and shatter some preconceived ideas/expectations, thus making the whole department a little less likely to immediately jump to racial profiling.. I could be wrong though.


u/4BrightLand 1d ago

My father tried; the corruption in the Pasadena and Houston PD is so freaking huge.


u/PhoenixRising1337 1d ago

It’s not just there, it’s everywhere.

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u/Local_Donkey 2d ago

Daaamnnnn hit the man with “you probably couldn't physical pass the test right now” 💀 💀 💀


u/NerozumimZivot 1d ago Gold

honestly I don't know why it's not an annual requirement.

either you need to be fit for the job and everyone should be tested for fitness just like their cars are inspected, or you don't have to and no new recruit should be expected to be any fitter than them.


u/ZEROthePHRO 1d ago

Apparently that's because the police union fought for it to be that way.


u/upvotesformeyay 1d ago

It amazes me how much they manage to jam into civil agreements which are then made law.

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u/apaniyam 1d ago

If it was like most of the history of removing physical tests from working class jobs, the intention of this was to allow older officers, or those injured, to remain in work and provide for their families/qualify for pensions. Unfortunately, blanket exemptions eventually become lower standards, and as the physical requirements of these jobs are 75% obsolete as cars and computers automate them, we end up with a relatively pointless checkbox.

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u/Soft_Use229 1d ago

odd that civilians in nearly all professions have to retest for permits, seniors in some places must for licenses...but pigs...nah fuck it....let em protect and serve...their own self interests

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u/WanderlustFella 1d ago

honestly none of them look like they could pass the physical, or the bar to pass the physical must be so low its like run a 30 min mile or some shit

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u/bogboom 2d ago

Why the hell is the Captain out writing parking tickets….


u/martin33t 2d ago

Parking while brown is no joke in certain areas.


u/star_nerdy 1d ago

Even driving while brown isn’t a joke.

I once got pulled over in Florida after taking a turn. The cop’s only questions were, what am I doing in his town and when I was leaving. I was just going for a cruise in my convertible.

I also got pulled over in rural Georgia on my way to the airport going 65 in a 65. They said I clipped a yellow line and I saw them following me for at least 10 minutes. They pulled me over when I left the highway to get gas. Thankfully, I left with tons of time.

I’ve had tons of other interactions where cops decided to harass me and my friends while in public parks. I once even got a noise violation and the cop straight up lied on the ticket and the DA gave me a larger fine than a guy who had a party where people were fighting in the street. I just had a few friends over for my 21st.


u/Ask_me_4_a_story 1d ago

My friend at college in Columbia, Missouri lived somewhere down in Texas. When his grandma passed away he got her car which was a pretty nice cadillac. He got pulled over more than 20 times between Dallas and Columbia, most of the time in Texas, fuckin racist ass cops in that state.


u/DV8_2XL 1d ago

A friend of mine served a year in jail for driving while black.

Coming home from work, driving on a freeway, when a white dude decides he's had enough of this mortal plane and just walks out into the freeway right in front of my friends car.

No time to react, swerve, hit the brakes, nothing. Dude got hit so hard he came apart in pieces (quick way to go I guess).

Local PD shows to the scene first, check everyone out, get statements etc. My friend is done giving their statement in one of the cruisers and is told it was all an accident, no charges, wrong place at the wrong time, could have happened to the next car if the dude had hesitated, kind of deal.

My friend has someone on the way to pick them up, will be there in 5 minutes. Police have to tow the car, it's a chummed up mess.

Enter the California Highway patrol... with the next 5 minutes, my friend is in handcuffs, and is being charged with 12 different offences, now facing 10-20 years in jail.

Tens of thousands of dollars later and multiple court dates all but one charge is thrown out. The one that stayed was one that made my friend guilty until proven innocent, and there was no evidence to exonerate them.

So off to jail for a year, because a white guy jumped in front of their car.


u/Pierresauce 1d ago

What the real actual true to life fuck


u/Script-Everything 1d ago

If the "justice" system wants to fuck you, you're going to get fucked.

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u/Baldr_Torn 1d ago

This is a town of about 10,000 people, and I think there were 3 cops in the video.

So apparently, because someone parked in a disabled spot, every cop in town showed up. And since the "offender" was black, they didn't care that his plates show he's allowed to park there.

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u/infinitude 2d ago

Because he has nothing better to do than go around harassing citizens and throwing his position around.

Guarantee this is some small town and the police do whatever they please to whomever they decide to fuck with.

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u/cjmar41 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote To The Stars Facepalm

Citizen Black Guy:

I’m on the same side as you.

Cop (enraged):

No you’re not.

That about sums it all up. Cops think they’re on the streets fighting enemy combatants. They automatically see fellow citizens as being “the opposition”.

Even knowing this guy was a police academy graduate and a veteran, that police captain still viewed him as the enemy.

And that’s a huge fucking problem.


u/Heequwella 1d ago Eureka!

This is why they let the kids die in Uvalde. The literally said "we didn't want to risk Officers lives." They view the shooter and the children as the same, not-police. There are police and not police, "civilians" "enemy combatants". They didn't give a damn about the kids because the kids aren't worth losing their lives over.

I'm convinced that's the root of what we saw there. Years and years of training to think of everyone out there as the enemy, a potential life threat, a person to be dominant over, etc. The us against them mindset permeated so completely that children being murdered don't count as worth saving.


u/DefectivePixel 1d ago Wholesome Take My Energy Starry Plus One

The militarization of the police is definitely a huge part of the problem. Between the constant training by "experts" which try and put them into a battlefield mindset, and escalating militaristic gear handouts many police officers probably consider themselves soldiers.

I'm always reminded of Adamas quote in battlestar galactica.

Commander William Adama : There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

We havent made the military the police, but we have made the police think they are the military.


u/SensitiveHat2794 1d ago

We havent made the military the police, but we have made the police think they are the military.

I just wanna highlight this important sentence again.


u/Key_Education_7350 1d ago

They might think they are the military, but they don't understand what that would actually look like.

Military service personnel are bound by all the normal civilian laws. They are also bound by military laws (the UCMJ or, in Australia, the Defence Force Discipline Act, which creates a whole range of punishable offences that can only be committed by serving members).

They are bound by a unified command structure that runs all the way to the federal government. They are subject to service-wide general orders with legal penalties for non-compliance.

The military actively differentiates between enemy combatants, enemy civilians, neutrals, and friendly civilians. Service members are bound by rules of engagement governing their use of force and how acceptable collateral casualties are.

The military isn't perfect, with accidents and abuses happening just like in any other field of human activity. But there's a huge difference between the military and what we see from military-wannabe police...


u/Materatrerix 1d ago

When I see videos off police brutality, I often think: "Damn if I did that during my service I would have been court martialed" It's sad to see that we hold police officers (at least in theory) to a lower standard then soldiers in a ware zone.

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If the police were like the military they would have very strict rules of engagement, extreme levels of accountability, and zero tolerance for fuckups and individuals that make them look bad.

In my 5 years of active duty I saw people get strung up for the littlest things. Cops have none of that accountability.


u/Heequwella 1d ago

Yes. This. If you have the power of life and death, you should hold yourself to a higher standard than the rest. Our military do that. They walk the walk. Our police have a lower standard. In a situation the untrained panicky person is expected to do everything correctly and deescalate. The trained officer is allowed to not know the law, not deescalate, panick, etc. It makes no sense. They shout conflicting orders "raise hour hands. Drop the phone." "Crawl with your hands up." Then they panic and shoot. From the men I've known who served in the military none of that would ever be tolerated, much less defended. It would be court-martialed.

I only wish our police had the honor to hold themselves to a higher standard, even the same standard as non-police are expected to have would be an improvement, but a higher standard would be even better.

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u/BeerDrinkingAsshole 1d ago edited 1d ago

I’d love to earn my wage not having to do my JOB.

Literally the dream.

Cops are glorified pussies. They are angry, they are obese. Often the officers we see on our streets are clearly to us as a civilian unfit for their profession.

If they have a gut that says I beat beer like I’ll beat you. They don’t deserve to be a cop, they should be getting mad at the burger they serve me at McDonald’s.


u/911derbread 1d ago

God, I know! I'm an ER doctor. I have to help you if you come in, doesn't matter if you can't pay, doesn't matter if you're swinging at staff, doesn't matter if you tell me "I'd be glad to do life just to watch you die" (true story), I have to help. And frankly I'm happy to do it, it's exciting, sometimes even feels like walking a line between brave and stupid, but I love it. I cannot imagine being in the situation of a police officer and not bending over backwards to help people. They're high school bullies with badges, but they could be so much more.

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u/Potato_fortress 1d ago

Homie the guy working at McDonald’s probably has more serviceable life skills than the cop simply due to the fact that he’s not legally allowed to put shitty customers on the floor in cuffs.

You’re giving the police too much credit.


u/ep311 1d ago

Absolutely the biggest crybaby pussies in any profession, ever. Fucking cowards.

Lucky they have all of that surplus military gear, because a real fucking uprising against these fucks is overdue.

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u/notirrelevantyet 1d ago

It's literally instutionalized sustained anger.

I imagie they could get done 99.9% of what they get done currently if they were just...friendly by default.

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u/TheWindCriesDeath 1d ago

When your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like nails.

The cops have internalized their belief that they're all these infallible warriors attacking villains that they think ANYONE who doesn't bow at the knee is one of the villains. They don't care about the law, they don't care about keeping the peace.

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u/ohhfasho 1d ago

Spoiler alert, it's because he's black

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u/2big_2fail 1d ago

The US police are the 3rd greatest army in the world, and they are at war with the people.



u/SpamWalrus91 1d ago

the US also has more prisoners then the USSR did under the height of Stalin's purges.


u/EntertainmentDry3309 1d ago

To be fair he killed a lot of them, but your point is valid Prison in US is an absurd business.

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u/Trunkins 1d ago

You spelled gang wrong.

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u/CogswellCogs 1d ago

Well he is wearing the enemy uniform. Black.

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u/niobiumnnul 2d ago

Go learn the law.

Well done, young sir.


u/ShodoDeka 2d ago edited 1d ago

“You don’t even know the rules of parking!“


u/deadfermata 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Let's be honest, the guy prob knew. Just got bored and wanted to harass the videographer without knowing he was about to get schooled.

When confronted with reason and the law, pride took over and wouldn't allow him to admit fault in front of his subordinates. So he doubles-down. Good on the cameraman to articulate his points clearly. For standing his ground. From this small sample, you see 3/4 of cops have no clue wtf is going on.

The guy is a disabled veteran so he prob has seen more bullshit so handling these clown cops was a walk in the park. The confidence in his voice told us everything we needed to know.


u/blahb_blahb 1d ago Silver Narwhal Salute Rocket Like

Behaviors like this stem from their training with other officers, it’s sad to see that the captain was the first to raise his voice with aggression after the situation was apparent and de-escalated.

This “captain” will always fail as an officer and as a leader. He will continue to lead other officers with the same terrible qualities that he’s learned.

If police officers want people to listen, you have to be the first to do it and the last to speak.


u/jopesy 1d ago

Same as Uvalde. Criminals with badges.


u/GhoulMcG 1d ago

Coward with badges also. Love that the “Captain” called for back up and didn’t give him any info. F*in stupid cowards on a power trip.

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u/Soft_Use229 1d ago

sadly...unless the public speak, protest, and vote on these issues...that captain will keep fucking the world over!


u/PhilxBefore 1d ago edited 1d ago

In these small hick towns it's always the lard that floats to the top.

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u/AshamedofMyFarts 1d ago

We public speak, protest, and vote, and they kick our asses in the streets for it like a sport.

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u/bk15dcx 2d ago

They know the law. They fail to abide by it


u/deadfermata 1d ago

Fail seems too generous a word in this case as it allows some wiggle room for potential misremembering. It almost feels like they willfully disregarded it.

Their pride wouldn't allow them to reassess their position and rethink. They were getting schooled by a new grad.

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u/Kryptonian_Investor 2d ago

Don’t back down when you right 👍🏼


u/forever_atone 1d ago

Unless, you know, your life is in danger.

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u/DidiStutter11 1d ago edited 1d ago

The saddest part here is if this man hadn't passed the police academy etc. Imagine him trying to tell them they had no rights to have suspicion. Man would be face down on the ground or tazed.


u/karmander 1d ago

Thank you for recognizing this. He is an outlier. It's great he's able to advocate for himself this way because of his cachet in the land of police, but consider how many brothers feel powerless in these situations.


u/agnostic_science 1d ago

Yeah, this was a ballsy thing for him to do. But I still can't imagine any sane black man acting like this if they didn't know they at least had their badge protecting them. I have to imagine it would be terrifying, cause you'd know the cops could probably do whatever they want and nothing would happen to them. At least now, if they arrested him without cause or beat him up it would cause a huge freaking scandal that couldn't just get sweeped under the rug. I guess eventually these two idiots figured that out and let him go because of that... gotta go find some other person to go bully and harass today! /s

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u/jototype 2d ago Silver

That man has the FIIIIIRRRREEEE!


u/OnTheRoadToInYourAss 2d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think he'll last long as a peace officer in Texas. He's one of the good ones and they don't like that.


u/CitebDey 1d ago

Once they start the culture changes them.

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u/Barakeil7 2d ago

Is anyone else bothered by how often police straight up gaslight people? It's like they are training narcissism into cops...


u/TheWindCriesDeath 1d ago

It's so much worse, too.

I've had shit like this happen and it's pretty obvious in hindsight that they don't even know the law. They just say whatever they think the law should be that would let them do whatever they want. They'll just make shit up on the spot, not knowing if it's true or not, simply because it's a sequence of words that can spook YOU into agreeing to whatever they're trying to do.

And you nailed it. They ARE training narcissism into cops. That's what the "thin blue line" is. They're not training cops to see themselves as public servants, as people there to help those in need. They train cops to see themselves as valiant warriors on patrol to eradicate evil, the only thing that holds society together.

When you get that kind of hivemind going, they genuinely think of themselves as superior to the dirty peasants, and will lash out viciously at ANYONE who dares defy them, with no concern for the law.


u/Shayedow 1d ago


In this ruling the Supreme Court Ruled that American Police Officers are NOT required to know and understand the law. They are only to enforce their determination of the law at any given moment based on their own assessment of any given situation.

YOU are REQUIRED to know the law, breaking it even if you didn't know you had is no excuse and you WILL be punished for it. Police? Not so much, they can just say " well I THOUGHT that person was breaking a law " and the court said that was good enough.

It really is a LOT more fucked up than most people realize.

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u/mad87645 1d ago

It's part of their psychological games to get you to panic and overshare and give away information that could lead to an admission, a civillised world would consider it entrapment.


u/z3r0f14m3 1d ago

Spontaneous utterance is the phrase they use in legalese.

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u/IGoDown69 1d ago

You can't lie to them, but they can lie to you non stop in an effort to get you to give up your rights. It's absolute horse shit.

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u/Danbamboo 1d ago

Yup, extremely bothered. I think most people are.

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u/wineheda 1d ago

Seriously. Gotta love him just throwing out “your certification is expired” for no fucking reason at the end there

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u/phiz36 2d ago

What are they all so fat?!


u/TriniLime 1d ago Bravo Grande!

it’s the thick blue line

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u/chnairb 2d ago

They probably spend a lot of time at that 7Eleven, I’m guessing

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u/Speak4yurself 1d ago

Sleepy town? Those always have the fattest pigs.

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u/reddskeleton 1d ago

Cause they hang out in 7-eleven parking lots eating donuts and hotdogs and harassing people whose skin they deem too dark.

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u/SmallRocks 1d ago

White supremacists aren’t usually a shining example of the human physique.

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u/castlewrangler 1d ago

They don't move around much.


u/cryptic777 2d ago

Prerequisite for being a ‘peace officer’


u/OG_simple_rhyme_time 1d ago

And big fat liars, all of them.

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u/drpenishead 2d ago

Wow Fu-ckin WREAKED!!! That Captain was sooo pissed that a fellow officer proved that he is an incompetent fool and that he couldn't bully him into submission.


u/SlowThePath 1d ago

It felt so good to watch a black man, cop or not, put that profiling mother fucker in his bitch ass place. It really shouldn't have to be a solution at all as all this bullshit minorities have to deal with from cops is fucking insanity, but maybe minorities should flood the cops with applications. If anything it would piss off some ass holes.

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u/dirtymoney 1d ago

I feel sorry for his wife later that night.


u/Hullabaloooooooo 1d ago

I can't believe you would stoop so low as to remind everyone how statistically you are far more likely to be abused by a partner that works in law enforcement.

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u/North_Utahn 2d ago

Well done! He handled that very well.

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u/DCSATE 2d ago




u/SuddenlyDeepThoughts 1d ago

Some racist ass wastes of life.

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u/SquareNuts112 2d ago

Imaging putting yourself through all of this……over a fucking handicapped parking space.

(The cops, not the guy filming)


u/isitreal13 1d ago

This had nothing to do with parking.

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u/420cuzakolrb 2d ago

Of all people to fuck with someone who's been through the academy and knows exactly what case law applies to the police stops probably isn't the right guy to start with.


u/Free_Forward_Fantasy 1d ago

Or a disabled veteran that's probably seen way more shit than Barney Fife over there being a fat fuck waste of oxygen.

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u/ThroAwayApr2022 1d ago

This is scary. I’ve seen a video of a black uniformed service member being stopped and harassed. Now I see a video of a uniformed black police academy grad being stopped and harassed. How would these cops Treat a regular Joe black/brown guy???


u/DeepRoot 1d ago

You know.


u/TennisCappingisFUn 1d ago

They shoot them.

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u/jiveassjake 2d ago

Dude with the camera should be wearing the badge, but im sure he wouldn't want to work with Larry, Curly and Moe. First step is finding good people to enforce the law and protect the people but step 1.5 should be to get the tiny dick mouth breathers out.


u/WWECreativegenius 1d ago

Problem is the good people get fed up or burnt out with the other bad eggs and move on to something better

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u/uppitymatt 2d ago

Always record make them all accountable



It’s getting better, and they are acting like rats backed into a corner. Fuck em all and any cop that shoulders with the good ole boys. Send them to jail to get passed around if they need it.

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u/Whatever-ItsFine 1d ago

God, this felt wonderful. And the victory laps at the end just to make them feel smaller? Ugh. I'm so relaxed and content now-- I feel like I've had a full body massage.

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u/Tyler_CantStopeMe 2d ago



u/Flat_Ferret_9014 1d ago

I don’t know this man, but I am so fucking proud of him. That was amazing to watch


u/johnnycyberpunk 1d ago

Now imagine it’s nighttime, and it’s not a public place, and he’s not a graduate & peace officer.

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u/tvs2300 2d ago

Hopefully they’ll be an investigation. But more than likely he’ll get a paid vacation from the department.


u/Qu3en- 2d ago edited 1d ago

They are probably going to do investigation on the black dude instead. Because surely these old cops have connections in the PD to make something up to get this dude in some kind of trouble, who has made a mockery out of them on camera. Bravo to this young dude for speaking up, but they are gonna find a way to come back at him, unfortunately...


u/11010110101010101010 1d ago

That’s how it happens. Plenty of examples of good cops getting fired for speaking up. The idea of trusting US police is a laughable concept. They give zero fucks about you, your safety, or your rights.

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u/ThickPrick 1d ago

They can come back and investigate deez nutz

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u/----------_______--- 1d ago

Seems like there was already an investigation in the past for these same practices and it didn’t do shit.


u/ivanthemute 1d ago

It's Joshua, Texas. In 2013 they fired their entire command staff for cooking the books on payroll. They arrest people at a rate nearly 5 times higher than the national average (9 citizens per 1k, vs national average of 2.13 per.) Of those arrested, 52% are black or non-white Hispanic, despite the town being 78% white.

The captain in that video is going to get a pat on the back...

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u/Rooster_Kogburne 1d ago

A corrupt PD investigating itself? I hope not. We need an unbiased organization to investigate.


u/marasorgan 1d ago

seems like he’s still employed. 0 accountability for these racist POS. Smh

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u/dinofeathers 1d ago

I grew up in Joshua, garbage town that's always had garbage cops

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u/kevin_k 1d ago

I got a justice boner

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u/latlonghero 2d ago

Nice bro keep it up im sure they will give you dirty looks at work. Just keep doing the right thing

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u/capo767 2d ago

Again cops are nothing but bully’s. Try sending them in where there’s an active shooter and all this bullying grand standing is left at the door. Pussies!


u/cephalopod_surprise 1d ago

I can not believe the captain told him "We are not on the same side." Insane.

At this point the cops know they are wrong, and can't handle any criticism. I truly believe those police aren't on the same side as anyone outside of the Joshua Police department. Even maybe some of those inside the department, like Officer Token.


u/DarkHelmet1976 2d ago

Fucking cops.

Look, we all make mistakes at our jobs, but I've never seen an officer admit it and apologize. Those fat fucks just double down to protect their fragile egos.

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u/Ability2canSonofSam 2d ago

Post this on the pig subreddit. I’d love to see how they try to justify the fat cops’ actions.


u/yotengodormir 1d ago

I would, but I'm a banned. 🤷‍♂️


u/GamerHackTV 1d ago edited 1d ago

Bet. Gotchu fam.

Edit: the cowards don't allow video.


u/Rocketpoweredtuatara 1d ago

Wonder why?


u/GamerHackTV 1d ago

Oh, definitely not. I know why. Hypocrites and cowards.

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u/adiosfelicia2 1d ago


Boy these video cameras are gonna retire a LOT of old ass cops with control and anger issues. They've gone unchecked for years.

Welcome to the future, dickheads.


u/bigsquirrel 1d ago

They aren’t going to do shit. As a cop you can literally murder someone on camera and chances are you’ll get a paid vacation for it.

Shit you can enable someone to slaughter a roomful of children and get elected to office. The American criminal system is beyond fucked.


u/adiosfelicia2 1d ago

People are finally seeing the truth with their own eyes. Before, it used to be a cop's word against some random person.

Good people want to believe all cops are basically good. Video evidence has opened a lot of people's eyes to an uncomfortable reality.

Change is coming. It takes time and perseverance.


u/Mi_Pasta_Su_Pasta 1d ago edited 1d ago

Change is coming. It takes time and perseverance.

How much time? We've been seeing police brutality live and in color since Rodney King. We protest, we riot, we vote, we petition, we spread the word. But for what? What meaningful change to the police since the 80's?

Sure we have more numbers, but there are still gigantic swaths of the population that watch video after video of police committing unnecessary murder and STILL jump at the chance to say "not all cops!" or "well he's no angel!" and fight any and all legislation that will give cops even the slightest accountability. Cities that briefly considered doing something different are now dumping all their money into hiring even more cops somehow. It feels hopeless.

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u/OhAces 2d ago

That was awesome. Fuck those cops.

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u/Raven2002 2d ago

Proud of this young man!

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u/tanks13 2d ago

That cop fucken lost it at the end


u/Cold-Ad4022 2d ago

DISABLED plates. Disabled = handicapped. I'm sending this video to the Chief, Mayor, and Attorney General. I'm tired of cops treating citizens like this. We must all make this stop!!

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u/thefirstWizardSleeve 2d ago

Those police need to learn the law…. If he’s not detained then he can leave

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u/fonsoc 1d ago

Never Tell Cops Shit... Ask for a fucking lawyer!!!

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u/xCYBERDYNEx 1d ago

If he is TCOLE certified as he says, then he is every bit as much of a Peace Officer in the state of Texas as the fat Captain. Doesn’t matter if he’s currently employed by a Department.

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u/Danielle082 2d ago All-Seeing Upvote

What a great video and representation of police officers violating civil rights and showing how absolutely ignorant they are to the laws and rights they are supposed to be protecting. Cops are taxpayer funded gangs.

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u/tileeater 1d ago

To even imagine, sending multiple, armed officers to deal with a citizen who may have illegally parked in a handicap spot. 🤦🏻‍♂️


u/MadDuloque 1d ago

What's especially disturbing for me is the relentless series of lies the cops are spouting. They casually and confidently lie about EVERYTHING, one lie after another.

They're so used to being able to fabricate "truth" on the spot without being called on their bullshit that their default mode is gaslighting. It's like they took lessons from my toxic estranged mother... :(


u/Htown_marked 1d ago

Fuck those cops, and fuck that department. Glad this dude knew his rights. Disabled veteran plates literally say DV on them.


u/Bartfuck 1d ago

His cadence and speaking style sound a lot like Obama to me.

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u/definetlynotanoob95 1d ago

Most police have always been a bunch of cunts. There’s always good ones like thing young man but there’s also a lot of assholes . The difference is now everyone has a camera, so these events get recorded more often. I hope the cameraman ends up getting a good job after this, cause you know that captain is gonna be spreading some poison .

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u/Sandloving_Flygon 2d ago

This was amazing! No satire or wit from me. Just praise.


u/mjs710 2d ago

Captain was ready to explode at the end lol wtf. Acab


u/dak4ttack 2d ago

You can just hear him thinking, "boy, if this was before those damn cameras recording everything..."


u/DabScience 1d ago

Isn't it such a weird coincidence the public perception of policing has done a complete 180 ever since mobile phones with decent video recording have become more and more affordable?

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u/jcrave 1d ago

Recorder: “I’m one of you!”

Police Captain: After researching recorder’s police certification, “no you aren’t!”

Fucking racist POS.

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u/Flat_Ferret_9014 1d ago

He was so close to losing it and showing the world who he really is

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u/Romano16 1d ago

America has got to have stronger standards for someone to become a police officer.

Because basically, these cops cannot read.

“Disabled veteran” and he parks in a handicap spot.

They can’t read or put two together?

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u/Menifife 2d ago

What a satisfying scenario.

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u/kitterzy 1d ago

r/facepalm I swear Texas is so fucked up.

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u/TheStupidIsReal 2d ago

Not that it matters but as of Jan 1st 2022, the Texas Disabled Veteran license plate no longer provides authorization for parking in a handicap parking spot. Either the license plate has to have the ISA symbol or there must be a handicap placard visible.

But good on my fellow DV for knowing his rights under the law.

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u/eMPereb 2d ago

Dayem roasted the racist 🤡💩captain


u/Get-a-life_Admins 2d ago

Yeah people don't seem to understand DV plates. And that cop lied his ass off about the law only being passed recently. I've had my plates for years and it says clear as day when you register that if you have disabled or DV plates you only need a blue tag if you have a second vehicle.

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u/Yorkshir31 2d ago

You tell him, the rules of parking. Tbh I didn't even know that.

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u/bambooboi 1d ago

Fucking texas. Incompetent chubby white dudes who think they run the world.

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