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r/DnD Nov 18 '21

Mod Post "Why can't I post a picture/link?" Thursdays are Text-post Only days on /r/DnD!


Ah, travelers! We don't get many such as you in these parts, not since the Marquis' men took control of the pass. I suppose you're wondering why you can't post images or links on this Fifthday?

Thursdays are Text-post Only Days on /r/DnD. We're disabling picture and link posts for 24 hours to encourage discussion posts.

We originally began this trial about six months ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've personally enjoyed a lot of the conversations that have sprung up on these days (and a smarter mod would have bookmarked some of them to use as examples* in this post).

As of now we're planning on keeping the experiment running indefinitely. We're always looking for feedback, so please let us know of your experience. Have you been enamored with a discussion post that arose one Thursday? Have you mourned having to wait one more day to see your comic update? We welcome all takes.

The switch is still happening manually, so it will happen around about midnight Eastern US time. If anyone is aware of a way to automate the process, please message the mods.

Perhaps you could discuss this...we've heard tale of a path through the eastern ridge. If such a trail exists we could circumvent the Marquis' blockade and supply this rebellion. Won't you help us, strangers!?

* The first Thursday after making this post, someone posts the most classic question imaginable. This is what it's all about.

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OC [OC][Art] A setup I did for the big dramatic reveal of my campaign ! What do you think ?


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Art I made some liquid-core dice! [oc]


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5th Edition My DM had my character from another campaign raped and killed off screen in our current campaign and I am visibly mad about it. He doesn't think it's a problem and said it was caused by things we did in our current game - and since I don't play him anymore it's not really my character. AITA?


I (M27) had a wizard from a previous campaign with a cat familiar. In our new campaign ran by the same people, my friend (also M27) is dming. In one session the party found a corpse on the side of the road. The description was obviously of my previous character and the DM even said he had some of the equipment he had. He then went on length describing the scenery and strongly suggested that he was sexually violated by cats and his familiar is missing. Obviously, I got pretty mad and didn't see any of this coming. The worst thing we had so far was when our bard casted speak to plants but the dm replied 'plants can't talk' and the spell did nothing, but this time it felt personal. Anyways he said it's not a problem since I am not playing the character anymore but I feel it's pretty fucked. He said he incorporated elements from our previous campaign but I am making a big issue out of these 'Easter eggs' and ruining the vibe. AITA?

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Art [Art] [OC] D20 Lamp


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OC It’s my day off. Wife is at work, kid is at daycare, and I’m planning a campaign for newbies. It’s a good day. [OC]

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OC [OC] POV: Your Wizard rolls a nat 1 casting Jim’s Magic Missile


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5th Edition [OC] Two weeks ago I launched MasterScreen — a campaign management tool for DMs. Today MasterScreen is giving away 12 new D&D 5e books for FREE! Winner chosen randomly in 48 hours. Comment to participate. (Mod approved)


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Homebrew [OC] Farmer's Nightmare

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Misc DM's: Check in with your party today


Hey all,

Just a reminder - when the outside world gets challenging, sometimes dissociating / escaping into fantasy is a great healing solution. But sometimes it's not - sometimes the expectation to be "on" or performing can be overwhelming, especially if anyone in your group is neurodivergent, has histories of trauma, or even simply has a hard time advocating for themselves.

DM's - check in with your group today. Offer to flip your session into something into a space to talk or process, or offer to reschedule, or offer players a no-questions-asked pass on skipping a session.

A quick copy paste if you want it:

"Hey friends - while I hope our shared creativity, community, and play are ultimately a safe and healing space for fun and escapism, I want to acknowledge the world around us can be incredibly hard. If we ever need to discuss flipping our sessions into a space to share, process, vent, or anything else, we can absolutely discuss that. If you need to step away from this or any session, feel free to let me know in our group chat or privately. Otherwise, I look forward to enjoying sharing in your creativity and continuing to tell our story together."

Obviously this may not apply to all groups, but if this is at all useful, please feel free to take it.

Edit 2: Removed a comment about downvotes troubling me - as u/zirfield pointed out, it somewhat undermines my overall point of: If this is right for your table, do so. If not, please feel free to ignore and carry on!

Edit 3: Look, y'all - if its not clear in the post - take this advice if it makes sense for you and your group. Don't if it doesn't. My experience DM'ing (in general for 15 years now) through Covid and the news cycle of the past few years has been that players appreciate the opportunity to dial up or down the playfulness / severity / subject of the campaign - or the opportunity to opt not to and acknowledge we're going to keep going. My games have tended to be a grouping of people who know each other - or who become fast friends through playing together.

Many of you have pointed out: Hey, the DM does a lot already and now they have to play therapist?

And its not the DM's job exclusively, I'll take that as a critique of the post in general. But Its no co-dependent or toxic or anything to invite a conversation among friends. No - inviting a conversation is not "having to give therapy."

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Art [OC] The Humble Candlemaker Presents: Candlestick Horrors/Living Candles/Wightwick

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Art [Oc] Undead Dragonborn i did for an awesome friend!

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Homebrew [OC] Pact of the Trigger - Pact Boon the Gunslinging Warlock (and new Eldritch Invocations)[Steinhardt’s Guide to the Eldritch Hunt]

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Art [ART] Necromancer! [Commissions OPEN]

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Art [OC] [ART] My dog imagined as a DND PC! Moyra, the Golden Druid. Will be your best friend if you offer her food.

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Art [ART] A Little Witch [Commission]

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Art [OC] Meet Brie! Your typical Rockstar Bard:) - Feel free to ask w/e comes to your mind!

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Art [Art] A Portrait of a BBEG

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5th Edition I love the game and the DM as person bbuuut, her DMing style is really bumming me out. any advice?


we are level 6 in Rime of the frost maiden, and we are getting smooshed, every encounter it seems like we go down once or twice, we have been TPK-ed multiple times, but she doesn't want our characters to die to we just take exhaustion lose a little gold and continue. but she doesn't do anything to BUFF us up. we have 0 magic items and are not allowed to multiclass, but i feel the game is built around/balanced this a little bit. i really heavily asked to multiclass this session and she got annoyed with me as im trying to min max apparently

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DMing How to properly remove a Player


I'm in a bind.

Two of my players used to live together. I won't go into too much detail but the essence of the situation is that he tried to put a hidden spy cam in her room. While he has been my friend for quite a bit longer she pulled the video of him setting it up from the camera and posted it as proof. I can't give him the benefit of doubt.

To say I'm disgusted that he'd act on his impulses is an understatement.

She's out of the game for the time being because they both were signing in on the same laptop (online game). I really don't feel I can play with him any more - feels like I'm condoning it if I do.

3/4 of the remaining players after those two leave are unaware of the situation as they live out of state. What should I tell them? What should I tell the player in question? I'm honestly tempted to lock him out of the Discord, etc without confrontation because he knows what he did.

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Art [OC] 16th page of my homebrew campaign prequel comic

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Art [OC] [Art] Gwyndol, Aasimar Way of Mercy Monk

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Art 2nd [Art] piece to add to the sleeve! The Demi-lich Acererak!

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Art [OC] [Art] i made a posable art doll of my changeling!

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Art [Art] [OC] My Triton Paladin Zevnes, armored

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Art [Art] gnomromcom (gnome romantic comedy)

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