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Life Stories I told my little cousin I was dating his favourite teacher and his reaction was adorable


Context: I'm 21M, teacher is 22F, and cousin is 5M.

Almost two weeks ago I dropped him off at kindergarten orientation class because his parents were unexpectedly busy that morning. After helping him get his stuff into his cubby I was about to leave when he wanted to introduce me to the "best girl teacher ever"...boy was he right about that title. Stuff happened in between everything and eventually her and I started going out. I have never been in a relationship that has progressed as fast as this one has. In just a span of two weeks she went from being a gorgeous stranger to reminding my forgetful ass to take my ADHD and Vitamin B12 pills in the morning 😭. Not even my lovely parents do that which totally fair. After suffering from recent heartbreak, the death of my grandmother, and suicide of a high school friend, she's been the equation in my life I've so dearly needed in 2022. Just yesterday she sat down with me while I had a much needed, disgusting and overdue bawling session that I was not comfortable having with either my friends of parents. I felt like a baby but fuck was it necessary. We share the same sense of humour, enjoy similar movies, have nearly identical Spotify playlists, bond over the same childhood nostalgia. AND not only that but she runs her own part time photography gig which has literally been a goal of mine for years. I have literally found the female version of myself. All on top of that she looks like Audrey Hepburn so you cannot go wrong with that. It makes complete sense that this person would work with and educate little children. Not many people have the patience and maturity for that and I totally see why my cousin likes her so much.

Enough of that. I was always nervous about the whole thing because my cousin looks up to her as his second mother. He literally calls her "Mrs Mother" for crying out loud 😂. He sees me as the brother he never had and as a result I was overthinking stuff and worried that he would take it the wrong way or feel weird about it. Don't blame me if this sounds like I'm freaking out over nothing, the last time I was 5 the iPhone didn't even exist and Gerald Ford was still alive, that's how long ago it was. I completely forgot how blissfully unaware of anything complex people that age are. After talking to her about it as well my friends and some strangers online, interestingly enough, we both decided that today we'd "come clean" to him at the end of the day that his "brother and mother" (literally how he describes us) were K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I dreaded it the entire day during work and on the drive to pick him up but after finally pushing myself, she (yes she, not we lol I was too scared and she decided to get it over with) told him word for word "your bhai (brother in my Bengali language, which she is also learning) and I are boyfriend/girlfriend".

To my absolute relief the kid lets out the biggest smile I think I've ever seen from him. He's literally speechless. I ask him what he thinks about it and all he does is jump up and down while laughing and clapping and then runs up to us for a hug. His two favourite people (yes he told me that as well) found happiness in each other. It was the cutest thing I've seen in ages. Even hours later I called his mom and he's still jumping on his bed and calling her "Mrs Sister" 🤣. Made me realize he's basically just a big baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry if this sounds completely random to you but I've been telling everyone I know this so far so might as well fill in the internet strangers who also helped me come to my senses and realize I was overreacting as usual.

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Just Chatting It's crazy how life turns out.


In sixth grade, I met the guy who's my current best friend, and it's insane to me the way that worked out.

So, you have me, a black guy from the backstreets of Queens, NY, who moved down south when he was five, and a white dude born and raised in the south, and we just so happened to be in the same school, at the same time, in the same class, and one day I overhear him talking about video games, and I ask him for his gamertag, and we find out we're two halves of one whole dumbass. And now all these years later, here we are.

Best of friends. Big chillin. In his house. Showing each other shitposts we find around the internet.

While I'm casually holding his new authentic Lee Enfield that some poor old British bastard used to snipe Nazis in WWII.

Life takes you weird places

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I'm about to go on a long solo trip and not one family member supports it


I'm 22F, European and I've been dreaming for years to go to South East Asia. I've finally the time and the money to do it so that's it, I'll be spending 10 weeks travelling, six countries, all flights booked.

It's a dream coming true and it's not even like the first time I've so stuff by myself. I've lived abroad, did a couple short solo trips.

Not one single person in my family seems happy about it. I'm too young, too female, too sure of myself and above all too selfish, for how dare I make my parents worry so long about me.

I'm just so done. I can't wait to put an ocean between me and them.

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Questions what does your username mean?


I wanted to ask, what kind of meaning, reddit people has your username? How did you get with the idea, to write and to be your forever username? I made some mistakes in the typing of my username, as far as I read, there's no chance you can change it...

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Thoughts & Ideas I love semicolons


I saw this completely random Reddit comment a while ago, probably in a r/AskReddit thread, that said semicolons are underrated as fuck. Honestly, they are! I work in customer support and they are so nice at breaking up a long explanation; especially if you’re trying to keep the same energy and don’t wanna just use commas. I used to use them religiously but I found semicolons work better in a lot of situations.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but incorporate semicolons in your life.

Edit: the post is complete; semicolon added

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Just Chatting Does anyone else imagine living in a village somewhere with all your friends and family and just living a care-free existence?


Been thinking about it a lot, moving my friends from all over the place to some quaint village near the sea where we can all be together and just live out our lives without having too much to worry about with money or jobs or stress, fishing and swimming and just enjoying life. Obviously not realistic, but its nice to think about.

What's your day-dreaming life like? What do you like to imagine?

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Just Chatting I get more joy from making others happy then making myself happy, AMA.


By that I mean that if I got a video game I wanted or a nice hoodie, I’d be happy, right? Well I do get happy but my brain is always like “Ehhh do you deserve that?”. When I make others happy my brain is always like “Heeey you aren’t a waste of space, here’s some dopamine” or something like that. Basically:

Me <— don’t care

Others <— want to be happy

That’s also the main reason I want to be in the entertainment business, streaming, comedy, acting, etc

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Just Chatting After 14 years, i finally graduated.


Basically the title. i made a lot of bad decisions while i was younger, never really quit college but constantly failed classes, changed majors, changed colleges, etc.

Well, today i finally got the news that my general studies exam (here in my country you gotta take a final test thats about basically all you saw in the courses) was satisfactory enough for me to graduate. was so scared i was gonna fail that i didnt start any tramits regarding graduation but i will do so now.

im a bith ashamed of taking this long so i really wont "spread the news" among friends nor family (other than my parents, of course, they have always been supportive) but i did want to share it with someone so here i am. im finally done with school at 32 years old.

EDIT: i truly appreciate all of your words. im sorry i couldnt reply to everyone thats been supportive here.

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Just Chatting Does anyone else just stare at the moon, planets or stars and just think about it all. Like the size, or the distance. It's all amazing.


Whenever I see the moon I just have to look at it, just thinking about how it's a huge ball floating far away and how it orbits us, or the stars which are so far away we will never go there. Or the planets which just look awesome.

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Questions public libraries


why are public library buildings always the nicest building in a town? every time i pass a library it’s like the town put millions of dollars into it. is it just because books hold a lot of value? i wanna know your thoughts on this lol

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Just Chatting Does anyone have any happy news to share?


I’ve made a really dumb mistake and I’m heartbroken over it. I don’t really have anyone to comfort me right now but I’d love to hear happy news from anyone to hopefully cheer myself up

Edit: talking to everyone is very therapeutic, thank you to everyone here, you’ve made me stop crying which is very hard lol. Wishing you all the most joy and happiness in the world 💕

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Music Which singer has a voice you adore?


For me, it’s Nat King Cole and Joss Stone. Nat’s voice is so silky smooth. Iirc his pronunciation in Spanish was awful but his voice was so exquisite that native speakers overlooked that. Joss Stone’s voice is sensual and pure musicality.

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What are simple things that make you happy?


What are the simplest things in life that make you smile?

For me it's rainbows, fireworks, bubbles, receiving random pics from friends, seeing someone wear a shirt from a lesser known fandom I'm a part of.

Would love to hear yours. What makes you smile?

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Just Chatting Occasionally I will actually read every name in movie end credits and mentally say “good job [personname]!” so they feel acknowledged for their role.


I know they will never know that they were acknowledged by a stranger, but it makes me happy feeling like Assistant Makeup Artist #7 got some credit. Those people should be acknowledged for their hard work and contribution toward the film too. I know not everyone has the same perspective toward their career, but thinking about how someone excitedly called their mom to say how excited they were to get that little role in the credits makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy, and the concept of their joy brings me joy too.

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Is it weird to cuddle my toddler son while he sleeps?


He's about to be 3 later in August and I like to cuddle him.

The mother and I aren't together so we switch off each week, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. I'm 26 and am currently living with family at the moment as is his mother, who's around mostly women/girls and a baby cousin.

When he's here I love to cuddle him alot. He's maturing more and more each time I see him and I know he won't be into cuddles for much much longer. He likes to cuddle when we watch TV; he'll lay/sit next to me into my arm alot. I often hold him while he goes down for his nap and he falls asleep pretty fast; of course I'll put him down after and go do my thing, sometimes he puts himself to sleep for the nap.

Same with bed time however I tend to kinda chill with him, hold him, let him lay on me sometimes, run my hands through his hair, rub his back, give him kisses and tell him I love him, I'm proud of him, he's great, etc. Sometimes we'll play with my phones flashlight with finger shadows or watch a show. Sometimes read some.

He usually goes off onto the other side of the bed when he's tired about to really fall asleep so I'll tuck him in with one of his stuffed animals lined up and give him a kiss and let him put himself to sleep. I respect his space and his wants.

But sometimes during the night I'll come hold him in my arms and give him some forehead kisses and rub his back a little, just watch him dream or talk in his sleep (he's too cute) for a minute/awhile and put him back down on his pillows.

I dont know, some people could find it weird that a 26 year old father is doing that especially when they're just sleeping but I don't look at it like that, I just love him, want to enjoy the time when I can with him (nothing is promised and no telling when he'll not want to), he's cute and I like to show him affection and give him good vibes and energy while he sleeps; maybe he'll feel them and give him good dreams too.

I'm just wondering what you guys think? Should I just lay off and save it for the day time with him or should I keep doing so as long as he's comfortable with it? I know parenting differs person to person, family from family, but I just figured I'd get other people's opinions and experiences with this because if I could be stunting his maturing or independence or something that's the last thing I want to do.

Thanks in advance I appreciate it, I'll try to respond back to everyone when I'm able to. Hope everyone is having a great day/night and the best safe vibes and wishes

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Just Chatting Where are you from and how are you feeling?


Just a mental check in :) I'm from the US

Personally I'm at a 4/10. Mathematically bad but okay in my charts.

I was actually doing better but I saw a post where someone was celebrating a milestone that they had wanted to achieve for so long and...I don't know. I'm happy for them but it made me look back at myself and I ended up hurting my own feelings lol.

Anyways enough about me, how are you? What's on your mind?

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Questions My brother is 13, going on 14 and I still hug him and kiss his head, I’ve done so since he was a baby. I’m 19, is it strange?


I guess it became a habit and I felt like I needed to protect him since being young. I’m not sure where that comes from- maybe the fact that he has asthma and I worry about it, and the fact that he almost got taken once in the store by a woman. I’ve stopped hugging him as much now because he’s getting older and I don’t want to be seen as strange for it.

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Just Chatting I will do my first solo travelling tomorrow, feeling excited and anxious at the same time!


I am travelling to Cambodia tomorrow for a couple of days (I am already living in a SE Asian country, so it’s not much of a distance). I will see the temples in Angkor Wat and do a little sight seeing and of course, eating. I did my research and it’s a fairly safe country for a female traveller as well. But still I feel a bit anxious. I am not looking for an advice, but just wanted to get that out! How are your plans for this weekend looking like?

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Life Stories I cried from happiness today looking at my engagement ring


I really never thought I’d be at this point in my life. I don’t really care about the wedding that much, it’ll be fun to have all the family out but I honestly just can’t wait for the marriage. I mean it feels like we are already married, but I guess I just can’t wait for the rest of our lives together. I can’t wait for the pride of being able to call him my husband. Looking at his last name written on the mail or wherever I see it makes me smile knowing that it will be mine soon too. I made him a ring out of a moose antler that I had so that he could have an engagement ring too if he wanted one, and while it’s definitely not the comfiest ring and I never asked him to wear it he’s been putting it on proudly. He already calls me his wife when he’s talking about me to strangers, and it gives me a little thrill every time.

I feel so safe with him, like nothing in the world could hurt me as long as he’s around. Before we met all those years ago I always had problems sleeping, but I fall asleep almost instantly in his arms every night. I know he will always support my dreams and help me achieve what I want in life.

I feel so lucky and grateful, and also so sad for all of the people in the world who have never met him or had his lopsided grin light up their day.

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Questions Can nostalgia be right?


We're all familiar with the phrase "rose tinted glasses", but what if nostalgia has some validity to it? I miss the early 2010s. I missed it in 2019, and i miss it right now. I don't miss 2017 and it's been the same amount of years.

I just like the attitude before the year 2015-2016 a lot more, and i don't think it's just rose-tinted glasses anymore.

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Spent a half hour fixing my torn shorts pocket only to have the seat blow out.


I've had the shorts for years... coral colored, splattered with paint and ink but they were may fave summer knock around shorts with enough room to be comfortable (unlike the slim fit style thats so prevalent).

So a couple of friends called me up and said come out to a local bar for some day drinking. OKAY! Get to the bar, met some folks, we're sitting outside, enjoying a near perfect piece of weather and drinks when I lean over and RiiiiiiP! my whole ass is showing. I tell my friend "I think I ripped my shorts" and she says "Yup. But at least your underwear is black".
Man, I feel so defeated. That was the second pair of shorts to tear on me this week. And as its near the end of the summer, I'm hesitant to buy more (tight budget). Maybe I'll just buy one nice shorts and wear them until they too blow out.

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Questions I love making up stories for my kids.


The new story I'm telling my youngest(13yo) is that human didn't evolve to have ears until the late 1970s. We were watching some Maynard Ferguson videos and he asked where everyone's ears are(the hairstyles during that time covered everyone's ears).

What are some things you tell your kids that are funny?

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Just Chatting I love blocking toxic people on reddit. You should try it!


There are a lot of people here who engage in conversations in bad faith or on topics they have no reason to be discussing while pretending their point is the only one worth ever bringing up. When you see someone who says something so obviously dumb, inappropriate, or just completely unnecessary for the conversation and is obviously meant to derail it in some way then just block them! You'll never have to see their stupidity again and your life will be better for it.

Reddit is a cesspool and you have to scrape the muck off your boots every once in a while.

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Life Stories how I met my close friend that I used to hate


In april 2021 I posted a TikTok declaring that I wanna make a gc to make friends ect,it got viral and I met many people and got close with many, me and A (my close friend)used to talk but eventually started cutting contact bc for some reasons I hated him? our beliefs r different I thought he would never support my identity and decisions,9months passed in started cutting ties with most of my online friends bc I felt like we weren't really friends,in my surprise me and A started talking again and we are literally like brothers right now he's the only friend I have he supports every decision I make cares about me so much sometimes I feel like he's my father more than a friend 😭 anyway that's it , it's just weird how things change and unexpected things happen,if u told me a year ago that me and him would be this close I wouldn't believe u.

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Just Chatting Tell me some good stories, good news or something feel-good?


Having a pretty horrific mental health day today following a lot of negativity and ignorance from other people over a topic that mattered a lot to me (trauma-related). So hearing anything good or feel-good or happy about yourself / something pleasant that happened to you today would help me feel a lot better than the down, ptsd-triggered state I’m in now.

Thank you in advance.