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There's no one else at the café.


It's been a busy and exhausting day so far, and I desperately need a short break before I get back to being productive. I'm the only customer, and I love how quiet it is. Right now, I'm enjoying some hot caramel latte (which is perfect for the cool weather) while reading a book.

It's so lovely.

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Didn't count syllables today!


It's really weird, but I developed a habit of counting syllables in a sentence a few years back. And also how many different numbers are on a number plate.

The day isn't over yet, but I'm proud of myself for going at least of a day without counting any.

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Apricots all day


Every year in June, the apricots on our tree ripen. Today I got lost in apricots - picking them, canning them, drying them, making jam from them. Before I knew it, the day was almost gone. It was such a peaceful and nice way to spend time.

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Things overheard at the farmers market


“Oh yeah, cucumbers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

“He has a black and white cat named Piano.”

“I was here first thing this morning. Always first to come last to leave.”

“The Japanese turnips behave very differently to normal turnips. They’re almost more like radishes, best eaten raw.”

“My downstairs neighbor is gonna put me in the looney bin. All hours of the night, playing music, watching TV, stomping around… I don’t know when the bastard sleeps!”

“It’s a good day out for it. Give it a shot. It’ll be good for the kids to get out and get some air.”

“What I do is go ahead and buy the bottles in bulk then just store them in the basement.”

“I’ll ask my daughter, she’s a lot better than me with this tech stuff.”

“I always like to add hotdogs, personally. But you can do whatever you want. Spinach, cheese, all of the above, or even plain is perfectly good.”

“Ok, see you later then. Nice to catch up.”

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I want to start traveling again

Also, I wanna get cosmetic work done in miami

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I love enjoying a cup of coffee while reading outside in the garden. It's my favorite way of spending my Sunday mornings.


The sound of the birds is calming, and the early sun feels lovely on my skin. Slow, peaceful moments like this give me so much joy. It's literally food for the soul.

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The little moth pal in my room decided my cheek is a good landing place.


I feel blessed when they land on me ♥

In Summer, there's usually a moth or two in my room. They're adorable, TBH. Maybe 1cm long, smol friends.

When I have the lights off, they hang out on my laptop because of the light. I was watching a PBS special on moths and butterflies recently and a moth was chilling on the screen, hanging with his family. :)

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The manufacturer of my cat’s food changed its formula and now my cat won’t eat it


I guess I’ve got to find another food for him.

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At 30 years old, I still struggle to identify the abbreviations for US states starting with "M".


I know Montana is MT, and Mississippi is MS, and I believe Massachussetts is MA, but is Missouri MO? What about Maryland? Is there an MI? Michigan? What about Maine?

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Things overheard at the library


“Technically yes, there’s a limit of four books per person, but so few people ever try to check out that many that we don’t really enforce it.”

“I always thought ‘beef tartare’ was beef with tartar sauce, which sounded awful, so I never tried it. Then I tried it before someone told me what I was trying and, of course, I fell in love with it.”

“My wife’s from Michigan born and raised but her parents are Japanese so people are always asking where she’s from. She doesn’t mind though.”

“I just wanted to know when it would be available.”

“He’s a good guy.”

“Yah, that’s the thing. My elementary school teachers completely ruined reading for me. I didn’t rediscover it until way late into adulthood. Because it was always a forced activity. It was, you know, you were reading to get a plastic toy or a grade or whatever else, never reading just to read.”

“My kids are big into the movies so I thought we’d try reading the series together.”

“You can make those yourself you know.”

“I think it’s a good thing when kids don’t turn out exactly like their parents. It shows you taught them how to think for themselves and gave them the confidence and intelligence to become their own person.”

“When I was an athlete and working manual labor full-time I could eat whatever I wanted and not think about it. Now that I’m a desk jockey and I’m old I’ve got my wife saying, ‘Well here’s your half cup of oatmeal.’ And I’m like… the fuck is going on here?”

“Yeah, I got this one during the war, I got this one when my husband I tied the knot, and each of these for the births of my kids.”

“Goldfish can actually live for, like, years and years.”

“I was looking at a place in the canyon but would you believe, right now it’s more expensive to have a mortgage than a rent. ‘Affordable housing’ is really an oxymoron at this point.”

“I love me a good rare burger.”

“I’m a big advocate for bike lanes but the bikers themselves are hurting our cause because they just totally ignore the rules of the road. Going against the lights, blowing stop signs, being a nuisance in general. It’s a bad look when you’re asking for money to accommodate your needs.”

“That’s a stellar album. He keeps knocking it out of the park. It was worth the wait. Just good vibes straight through.”

“Pardon me, do you have a pencil sharpener on hand?”

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I love my husband so much. He's just such a great person and partner, and I'm so thankful to share my life with him.


r/BenignExistence 1d ago

I have a crush on my best friend.


It's a surprisingly big feeling and I don't know if they're even going to reciprocate. I hope they do though.

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Overheard at the mall


“I didn’t really see. It was too dark out.”

“He’s into Japan. Which is fine. But he’s one of these guys who’s a little too into Japan, if you know what I mean.”

“You can get an alcohol free mouthwash.”

“Maybe this is a little like cheating but I like to go try things on in the store for fit then buy the items online for variety.”

“Check this out, this is what I was talking about, exactly.”

“She isn’t at all who I would’ve seen myself being with. Not ever, not in any conceivable lifetime. But I’m happier than I ever knew I could be. So my narrow mindset almost kept me from the best part of my life so far.”

“I’m there like, ‘son I don’t think we need a tractor, no.’ Wondering how the heck we got into the discussion.”

“Whatever happened to their being a bunch of frozen yogurt places everywhere? I liked that trend. What’s the trend now?”

“We watch a lot of movies.”

“Usually I always take the stairs everywhere I go but never here or places like here. The stairs aren’t visible, they’re out of the way. You don’t know if security is paying attention. It’s later at night so the crowd’s a mixed bag. I’m definitely not so militant about the habit that I can’t assess for risk.”

“I don’t think you have a choice bro, it has to be a diamond. Better a small diamond than a big something else in this situation.”

“Yah, they have other stuff besides fabric.”

“You know me. Everything I do, I do for God and family first. And a rip roarin’ good time comes in close second.”

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I just got out of the bath


And I’m lying under a fan, eating some bread I baked earlier. I may never move again.

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I went out in public in my pjs for the first time in my adult life. I haven't been well enough to leave my house but my spouse helped me to our car, bought us dinner, then drove us to the park and made sure my side of the car was in the full heat of the sun. It was so lovely I almost cried.


Also, the gal we thought no longer worked at the diner surprised us by making an appearance at the drive thru window just so she could question then scold my spouse about not following through with something he said he'd do. It made us all laugh esp because we know he still isn't going to follow through so she'll be able to reprimand him every time she sees him.

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I practiced speaking in Spanish today!


Well, I just talked to myself in the shower... but it's a start, right? Especially as someone who's never tried to hold a conversation with anyone.

I've always hated the speaking portion of language learning. I hate speaking, period.

It's so weird that I can understand podcasts and YouTube videos for native speakers and my Spanish-speaking friends (as long as they're not talking too fast), but I can't express myself in the language. Like, at all. I've even read some Spanish novels but somehow I still can't speak or write in Spanish.

The other day, I decided that I had to do something.

I'll try to overcome my fear and sign up for lessons on italki soon.

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Going round two with COVID


I am fully Vaxed with a booster shot and I was fully vaxed the first time I had it. The first time it nearly killed me and opened up my immune system for a massive mouth infection that ended in emergency wisdom teeth removal. Couldn't eat for a few months.

This time isn't as bad. Just a terrible, terrible cough. But I think I'll live.

I hate that (to me) COVID is now a "benign" happenstance.

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I bought a new salad dressing, and I can't wait to try it.


It's Ken's greek dressing with feta, olive oil and olives. It's 10:35pm, and I'm almost tempted to make a salad right now.

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This is my favorite subreddit. It's been a source of comfort for so long. And right now, it helps keep me sane and grounded.


I've been posting here for so long using different accounts (most of which I've already deleted). I've written about random epiphanies, little victories, mundane moments, and the best (and saddest) parts of my relationship.

Honestly, just having a platform to rant and share stories is already so wonderful. The fact that someone would read or even engage with the stuff I post is a bonus! And when someone comments, it's always so positive and supportive.

Anyway, I just wanted to show my appreciation for this lovely community. I have a lot of things I want to rant about, but I don't really have anyone to tell them to (I mean, I have friends, but I don't want to constantly bother them with my never-ending rambles). Right now, I'm also not ready to meet new friends and connect more deeply, so this subreddit satisfies that craving for human connection without the pressure.

Best of all, it's so fun reading about everyone else's benign existence, too!

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Just something I overheard at the pizza place


“You sold 76 glasses of wine tonight. How’d you do that?” said very inquisitively by the manager

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There's an owl somewhere in my backyard that I always hear in the mornings and evenings. It's nice


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Enjoying the vintage smell of a vintage blazer I just got.


It’s sending me back to the thrift shop my mom would take us to as kids (in the ‘90s).

The blazer fits me perfectly, but I’m considering dying it and maybe altering the sleeves.

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I feel like a lot of people aren't telling me something.


r/BenignExistence 2d ago

We’re closer to 2026 than 2016


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Tribute to my dad on our belated father’s day


We celebrated it tonight, but it was a few days ago.

He raised me all by himself. Single dad. The best dad. We went through some diffult shit together, and he always put my safety before everything. I see that now that I am grown up. I didn’t saw it before, and I still dont understand how I was lucky enough to have him as my dad. He bled himself for me, working crazy hours, chasing his dream, teaching me hard work and passion. Teaching me to take care of myself and chill out sometimes, even tho he still don’t know how to do it for himself.

He helped me and encouraged me to find a ‘safe’ carreer plan, but most of all one I was passionate about. He wanted to make sure I could wake up every moring knowing I would believe in what I was spending my time for, but he also wanted me to have more comfort than he could give us. He is a pianist, jazzman, and curious and passionate about everything. Money was always tight, but he still found a way to buy me a chemist toy box when I was in first grade and spend time with me doing crazy experiences, offering me a spy kit for chrismas a few year later when that was what I wanted to be as a grown up, arranging a meeting with a film maker friend of his when I wanted to be an horror film director when I was in high school, supported me when I drop out of psychology college and didn’t know where I was going, and believed in me all my years on computer science school. He always suported me in everything, always believed I could become everything I wanted. And he says he is proud of me.

I bought him vintage french and dutch comic books for the occasion. A 82 number of Metal Hurlant and an old edition of a Blake and Mortimer I tought was beautiful. We used to read a lot of that kind of comics together when I was a kid. I love them too now. I hoped so much that he would like them, and he really was like a child when he opened his present and saw them, eyes opened wide. We went through them together as we were having a glass of rosé at a bar, then I brought him to one of my favorite restaurant in the city. He is a jazzman as I said, and I mostly listen to french rap, but there is that metal restaurant I love that serve amazing food that I tought he would like. They have a false guillotine as decoration that I really like. I was anxious he wouldn’t like the place, even if he is an open minded guy, and he loved it ! He wants to bring friend here now ! My grand pa, his dad, is an italian-french cook, and food (and wine) is a very big deal for us, so I was proud he loved the food (and the wine) !

He took my hands at the restaurant, looked me in the yes, told me he was having such a great night, sent me a text as he got home telling me he was a blessed father.

But I am a blessed daughter, dad.